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All Health And Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is super important to the team at Betty & Butch and we have a great selection of shampoos, fur spray, soaps, supplements for dogs to keep your furry friends in the best possible condition. Dog dental health is also extremely important to us, the easiest way to care for your pet's mouth is to brush their teeth at home with a pet friendly toothpaste. Don't forget grooming! Long haired breeds will need more grooming than a short haired breed, but all dogs should get used to being groomed and handled regularly. Combing your dog's fur with a brush helps prevent matting and removes dirt that builds up during play. Many dog owners love the Betty & Butch wellness range of pet supplements, which provide essential nutrients for your pup's general health and wellbeing, plus support for the immune system, joint mobility and coat. A healthy dog is a happy dog.