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Puppy Food

Our hypoallergenic food for puppies is made from specially formulated recipes rich in essential nutrients and vitamins and contains immunity-boosting proteins designed to aid your puppy’s wellbeing and strength during their crucial growth and development phase. Available in a range of delicious flavours and with options for both large dogs and small breeds, our grain-free puppy food promotes the growth and maintenance of healthy joints by supporting cartilage metabolism. Containing no added flavours, colours or preservatives and rich in Omega-3, a natural anti-inflammatory which has been linked to greatly benefiting neural development during puppy growth, skin and fur health and joint mobility as well as cognitive and visual development. Our wholesome and nutrient-dense food provides your puppy with all the health and natural goodness they require, whether it’s the Meatlove Farmer Menu wet food or canine-favourite dry kibble. We have every dinner recipe to satisfy your puppy's palate, no matter how fussy they are!