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Betty & Butch Whitefield

We're open! 

With a burst of new bars, restaurants and small businesses popping up on the main stretch of Bury New Road, Whitefield is the up and coming place to be.

Known in the past for its bleach works (hence the name Whitefield), its big claim to fame now is that it’s the home of award-winning chocolatier and food emporium Slattery. But with a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, designer clothing boutiques and beauty salons, there is plenty to do that doesn’t involve gorging yourself with chocolate and cake.

Cue Betty & Butch. The best (and first) deli for dogs.

Betty and Butch Whitefield Dog Food Store and Deli UK.We’ve got the good stuff.

Betty & Butch was established in 2010 by its founders Angel and Paul with a desire to enhance all dogs’ lives, inspired by their adopted dog Duke. We are famous for our natural dog treats as we take great pride in sourcing only the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients.

Our treat collection has a full variety of chews to suit all dogs from puppies to seniors and soft chewers to super chompers. Choose one of our signature treat boxes to help them to find their favourite or select your own deli treats that you know your dog will love. 

Made with only the finest protein sources and vegetables, our natural, grain-free dog food is tailored to be gentle on tummies, especially for dogs with grain sensitivities and allergies.

Bone-appetit: Betty and Butch Whitefield Dog Food and Deli

Made in Manchester:

Come visit us in our brick-and-mortar store based in Whitefield, Manchester! Like a Manchester Terrier, we are quick, sleek and full of spirit. Always on the hunt for the best food and products for your dog.

Betty & Butch Whitefield opening times:

Monday - 10am-6pm

Tuesday - 10am-6pm

Wednesday - 10am-6pm

Thursday - 10am-6pm

Friday - 10am-6pm

Saturday - 10am-6pm

Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Feed The Dog: New Dog Store Betty and Butch opens in Whitefield, Manchester.

Betty & Butch Whitefield address:

Betty & Butch Ltd 
149 Bury New Road
M45 6AA


Whitefield has two Metrolink stations, Whitefield and Besses o’th Barn, making it easy to get to Manchester city centre and back. It takes just 17 minutes to get to Victoria with trams running every 6 minutes at peak times. Or if your dog prefers the drive, the drive of 5.7 miles into town would take you 20 minutes on a good day – but considerably longer in rush hour. Junction 17 of the M60 is one of the busiest motorway junctions in Manchester, making it easier for out-of-towners to head in and have a look around, or take a quick pit stop whilst making a journey further north.


Betty and Butch dog toys shop based in Whitefield, Manchester.

Come visit us! Bring your dog! 🐶