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Our Story

We’ve got the good stuff.

At Betty & Butch, we are famous for our natural dog treats as we take great pride in sourcing only the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients.

Our treat collection has a full variety of chews to suit all dogs from puppies to seniors and soft chewers to super chompers. Choose one of our signature treat boxes to help them to find their favourite or select your own deli treats that you know your dog will love. 

Made with only the finest protein sources and vegetables, our natural, grain-free dog food is tailored to be gentle on tummies, especially for dogs with grain sensitivities and allergies.

Time To Go Natural

We’re all about being natural, from our dog treats down to our packaging as we’re doing our best to create policies to protect the planet. That’s why our treat boxes are fully recyclable and our food bags are compostable.

Duke's Story

Betty & Butch was established in 2010 by its founders Angel and Paul with a desire to enhance all dogs’ lives, inspired by their adopted dog Duke. 

Angel nagged Paul to death to get a dog, so inevitably he gave in and off they went to Manchester Dogs’ Home. Paul stipulated nothing bigger than a Jack Russell, so naturally, as they walked through the shelter Angel fell in love with Duke, a Staffordshire Bull cross Doberman. Duke had been found stray and had undergone a stomach operation to save him.

Duke slept on a comfy bed that night. Angel and Paul owe Duke everything for their determination to get him to good health and the desire to enhance all dogs’ lives. With Duke always at the back of their minds, the team strives to bring you the healthiest food for the Duke in your life.  

We welcome you to our family.

Our Stores

We now have two physical stores located in Handforth and Chorlton. Both stores feature our famous dog deli, filled with tasty treats for you to pick and mix for your furry friend. Our team are on hand to offer any advice or answer any questions that you have about our treats, food or toys. 

Our online store ships to mainland UK. 

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