Getting Ready For Howloween & Bonfire Night

Getting Ready For Howloween & Bonfire Night

That time of year is fast approaching. No not that one. Halloween of course! Dressing up, trick or treating and lots of fun. Although Halloween and Bonfire Night might be fun for you and your family it can be quite a stressful time of year for your four legged friend. Some dog will happily let you dress them up and strut around town like you own the place but there are some things you need to be aware of so this time of year will still be a happy one.

First of all if you have a willing volunteer then there are loads of options for getting your pooch involved in the festivities. We have Pumpkin Sweatshirts and Spider Costumes as well as lots of spooky toys to get you and your dog in the Howloween mood.

Why not take your dog trick or treating with you. Just make sure they don't get any chocolate! Doggy biscuits will do. If you are answering the door to four legged trick or treaters then why not stock up on goodies from our dog deli, sausages, fish treats and even tendons which with get any tail wagging.

Make sure you are seen with your four legged friend. Although Trick or Treating is fun and you just want to get out there make sure you and your dog are visible to traffic and other pedestrians. We have reflective leads and light to go on the back of their collars, these won't detract from whatever costumes to choose to put on your dog but will keep you safe walking around in the dark.

After Howloween has been and gone soon comes Bonfire Night. This is a lovely time of year, Big Bonfires and beautiful firework displays. When this is going on you need to make sure your dog is calm and comfortable. Some dogs are perfectly fine with fireworks and some will even watch them with you but others can get very stressed.

Dealing with a stressed dog during fireworks seasons can be difficult, don't be tempted to hug and hold them tight because this will clarify that there is something to worry about.

Best things to do:

Build the dog a nest or fort: Sounds silly but if your dog has a crate for example put a blanket over the top of it to make it dark/ dull and warm in there, this way the noise is lowered slightly and they can see less of the flashing lights. This makes them feel secure almost like a den would in the wild. 

Keep them occupied on something else: Give them a long lasting chew, something that they really have to concentrate on or even give them a treat ball or puzzle box, this will draw their attention away from the commotion outside and allow them to relax in their own time.

Calming Products: If you know that your dog really doesn't like this time of year then prepare yourself early. There are lots of calming products available. 

In store we have:

Calm Extra liquid which can be put on food or in water, this contains natural herbs and botanicals to calm the mind and body.

Woof & Brew Anxiety Tonic- This contains herbs such and Chamomile and Milk Thistle for a natural calming effect.

Pooch & Mutt Calming Crunchies- Herbs and vitamins such as Chamomile & L-Carnetine for their endorphin releasing qualities contained in a tasty treat.

Monty Calm & Relaxed Spray- Containing Marjoram & Clary Sage for a natural aromatherapy treatment.

All these products and more can be purchased from both our Hale & Chorlton Stores and if you need any advice on which products you need chat to one of our team members who will be happy to help.

Enjoy the Holiday Seasons with No Worries.

Betty & Butch

Rainy Day Dog Blog

Rainy Day Dog Blog

Now we all know that going out in the wet weather is not pleasant, for you or your dog, so we are going to give you some tips for enjoying these dreary days instead of spending the whole day staring out the window waiting for it to stop.


1. Get the Gear!

You own waterproofs and an umbrella right? Well why not get some for your dog then you can still enjoy your day to day walks without worrying about what the weather is doing.

We have a large range of dog coats for days just like today, raincoats, parkas, winter coats with fleece lining and many more. Why not pop in and see for yourself I bet your dog would thank you :)

2. Rainy Day Games

There are many things you can do with your favourite pooch indoors. Even without using toys you can have a riot with your dog. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

*Search & Sniff- Use a cupcake baking tray to put treats in randomly and put tennis balls on top of them so that your dog has to lift the tennis balls off and find the treats, keeps them mentally stimulated and they have loads of tennis balls to play with afterwards.

*Teach & Ye' Shall Learn- Why not try teaching your dog some new tricks. Another great way to keep them mentally stimulated and something to show your friends next time they come round. There are loads of youtube tutorials and guides on teaching your dog some tricks, our favourite one is the bang- play dead which is great fun for you and your dog.

*Treats in a Kong/ Ball- Easy and simple way to keep your pooch happy when they are stuck inside, you can use their own food or even some yummy liver paste to stuff your kong with and they let them have it. You will see the happy little looks on their faces as when they are licking all that yummy stuff out of it.

*Shopping & Coffee- Why not take your pup out to your local doggy shop and treat them to some lunchtime treats? Most shops and cafes are dog friendly so you can bring them with you wherever you got.

Places near Betty & Butch:

Betty & Butch Hale: The Little Deli Company opposite Stamford Park in Hale. Great place for lunch plus you have a park opposite so if there is a break in the weather you can take your dog for a nice stroll around the park. 

Betty & Butch Chorlton: The majority of the bars and resteraunts opposite the shop are dog friendly so why not try one of them? Have a nice cup of coffee at the Spoon or something more fancy at one of the others, they have outside covered areas and seating inside.

Once you have enjoyed your relaxed lunch with your dog in the local cafes and bars why not bring your dog to us at Betty & Butch and give them a lunchtime treat? 

We have a great selection of Dog Deli bits such as Sausages, Burgers, Fish and more. Sounds tasty right!

Pop down and see us and maybe take a look at our dog coats whilst you are here. The weather doesn't seem to break for long these days ;)

Betty & Butch Team


Puppy Brunch!

Puppy Brunch!

Join us at Betty & Butch Hale on Saturday 7th October between 12pm & 1pm for a great time and lots of goodies!

Bring your puppy (Any dog under 1 years old) for free roaming socialisation, play and a doggy bag for every puppy that attends.

Your puppy will meet lots of new friends, test out some puppy toys and even get a free puppy brunch doggy bag to take away with samples and goodies for them to enjoy!

The 'No Take Only Throw' Test

The 'No Take Only Throw' Test

Now I am sure many of you have seen the Clearscore adverts with the adorable Boxer Dog Moose on them. 

Well their latest advert holds something close to my heart and I hope you can relate too, the 'No take only throw' situation.

Many of us have been in the situation when your dog comes running up to you crazy happy with their favorite toy wanting you to throw it for them, then as you try to take it to throw it for your beloved pooch then run away or pull against you. 

Thus the never ending cycle of the 'No take only throw' continues......

Well with a couple of our staff dogs we have tested out the 'Squeaky' that Moose speaks of (The Kong CuteSeas Octopus which we now stock in stores) to see if it truly too good to let go of.

Well Misty a 15 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier certainly thinks so, she has the small octopus and when given the toy proceeded to run around the garden throwing it in the air and catching it, ecstatic with her now toy. She hadn't even discovered to squeak and was overjoyed, so you can imagine how she felt when she bit down on it and a little squeak came out......another session of flying around the garden at a million miles and hour, she continued this until she was so tired she decided to settle on the grass with her new found friend.


Now moving on to The Boxer test, as only seems fitting seen as Moose loved it so much we should try another boxer dog with it.

We have a Boxer in the Betty & Butch Team Family, in fact there are two!

The tester today is Cooper, he is nearly 5 years old and a big softy.

His reaction to the Octopus was a little less frantic and more of quiet appreciation. Cooper took his new CuteSeas toy and walked all the way to his favorite spot in the garden (right at the bottom in the sun) and lied down, he then proceeded to press the squeaker with his nose quietly happy just cuddling his new toy. He did have the 'No take only throw' moment later on in the day when he thought it was play time he came trotting up, placed both his face and the toy on our lap and looked up waiting for a move. Reaching to take the toy made Cooper quickly retract his head and toy and return to his favorite spot.



All in all we can safely say that dogs love this toy, at least these two do anyway. What about your favorite pooch? Have you tried to Octopus out on them yet? Or do they have another toy that they have a 'No take only throw' moment with?

Betty & Butch Team

  • Angel Moore
Be Safe Be Seen!

Be Safe Be Seen!

Autumn and Winter are great seasons for dog walking, the sights of all the colours changing on the leaves, the brisk fresh air, the warm jumpers and all the new smells for your four legged friends but the seasons changing also mean less time out in the sunshine. As the nights start drawing in make sure you and your pooch are safe and seen.

There are man options you can go for when it comes to high visibility clothing and accessories;

Orbiloc Safety Lights

Orbiloc Safety Lights clip on to your dogs Collar or Harness, they are so bright that the light can be seen from 5km away. They are easy to fit and easy to use, they have two settings, full on or flashing and can be changed with just a twist of the dial. Orbiloc Safety Lights are waterproof up to 100m depth, shock resistant up to 220lbs, have a long lasting battery life of up to 100hrs, keep working at both high and low temperatures including lows of -40 degrees fahrenheit, have a 3 year warranty and come in several different colours including Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green.

£19.99 in Store.

Ancol Flashing Band

These fit on your dog like another collar and are visible up to 500m. They can be cut to size and are USB rechargeable. They have three settings Slow Flashing, Fast Flashing and Continuous Light. They are water resistant and come in several colours including Blue, Yellow and Orange.

£9.95 in Store.

Buster Rain Coat in Lemon

Buster Rain Coats are made from water and wind proof material which is both breathable and durable. When it is we outside the coat provides your dog with perfect protection from wet and dirty conditions as well as having reflective stripes along the sides and the back of the neck and a vibrant Lemon Yellow colour it would be hard not to spot your dog. Available in XXS (20cm), XS (26cm), S (32cm), S/M (36cm), M (40cm), M/L (44cm), L (48cm), XL (54cm) and XXL (60cm).

From £12.99 in Store.

and if the rain coat is just not thick and cosy enough then Ancol do  2in1 Harness coat.

Ancol 2in1 Harness Coat

This coat has a removable fleece lining and waterproof outer. It has reflective edges for high visibility, rear leg elastic straps for comfort and fit, velcro fastening for ease of use, splashguard chest protector and a zip pocket on the back to attach a lead to a harness.

From £18.99 in Store.

Many products to choose from all with their own merits. If you are still not sure on what you need or want then pop in store and speak to one of our team, we are always happy to help.

Betty & Butch

Chorlton & Hale

  • Angel Moore


A regular occurrence on programs like You've Been Framed and constantly on Youtube, Dog Zoomies are entertaining people across the globe, but does anyone know why they occur? Why does your dog suddenly run hell for leather and career around the garden like a possessed pooch?


Well Dog Zoomies or Frapping (Stands for Frantic, Random, Activity, Period) is a natural part of every dogs life, some dogs will only have these periods during puppyhood some will have zoomies for their whole lives.

 The reason for Zoomies is still unclear but the most common theory is when a dog has had a quiet period for a long time during the day and has to burn off excess energy, this could be because they have been in the house most of the day because it has been raining or you have been out, they get outside and immediatley have this sudden burst of energy which causes what you see before you;

  • Infrequent play bowing (front elbows down, bum in the air)
  • Running large circles around the garden
  • Running at high speed
  • Not the most delicate of running, limbs bounding around with no care
  • Crashing into things without noticing 





      All these things are a normal part of Zoomies. Also selective deafness may occur when you shout 'Look Out!' or 'Slow Down' as this is a period of what most owners call 'Craziness'.

      What to do when Zoomies occur?

      Preferably move your dog outside, as there are less obstacles and things they could potentially break.

      Try not to be tempted to chase your dog during this period, although it looks like a lot of fun, chasing your dog when they are having their Zoomies may excite them further and they may not stop until they are truly worn out.

      Some dogs may be more prone to Zoomies if they are bored, so giving them mental stimulation may help reduce the occurrence or Zoomies. Treat balls that they can play with, puzzles, snuffle mats etc. all good activities to keep your high energy pup happy.

       When a dog has Zoomies, they are not bad, dangerous or crazy, most of the time they are just very happy.

       Have you experienced dog Zoomies, maybe you caught it on video, we would love to see and hear from you.

      Have a great week guys.


      Betty & Butch Team



      • Angel Moore