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Trixie Junior Licking Plate Dog Mat for Small Breeds and Puppies


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We have run out of stock for this item.

This beautiful mint coloured licking mat is an ideal way to keep puppies entertained and satisfied for a longer period of time. The Junior Licking Plate has soft tabs that easily catches food and gives dogs a stimulated play. Licking mats draws out treat time so your dog can enjoy the taste of the snack for longer.

The action of licking even calms your pet and provides quiet periods. The product can be coated with pastes, wet food or dairy products - we recommend Meatlove Meat & Treat range. You can even fill with snacks then freeze for a fresh surprise.

  • Ideal for Puppies and Cats
  • Promotes Calm Behaviour
  • Snack Lasts Longer
  • Freezable
  • Made from Thermoplastic rubber
  • Pastes, Wet Feed or Dairy Products


Product Size: 15cm


Always supervise pets while eating. Regular inspections should take place and remove product if damaged.