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Your dog deserves the world, but let’s focus on some tasty and healthy dog treats. Treating is one of the many joys of pet parenthood, and at Betty & Butch, we believe pets deserve to be treated well and pet parents deserve to feel confident in the treats they give. We are proud of our range of natural, purposeful, and benefits-driven dog treats to create a better life for dogs. Whether it's to reward good behaviour, congratulate a new trick or just fuel a longer walk, we can't help but treat our dogs, and now, you don't have to think twice about doing so. Excellent as either a grain-free treat or mixed in with a meal, our convenient bite-sized healthy dog food support positive training reinforcement, promote brain development and feature antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for immune support and whole-body health. Our treats are specially formulated to support growing pups' bodies and health needs. When dogs are happy, dog parents are happy, too.