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What Are Raw Dog Treats and Their Benefits?

What Are Raw Dog Treats and Their Benefits?

Raw dog treats are delicious, natural treats that can complement a well-balanced raw diet. From meat covered raw dog treats, to bones and chews, raw dog treats offer both a great taste and an additional boost of nutrition to your dog's diet.

Unlike some dog treats on the market which contain artificial flavours and preservatives which can be potentially harmful, raw dog treats are all-natural treats which appeal to the instincts of dogs.

For cleaning dogs' teeth or as a simple treat, raw dog treats are great natural chews which will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Raw Dog Food

Why Choose Raw Dog Treats?

Satisfy your dog's instincts

Dogs are descended from wolves which means that their instinct to chew on bones remains in them. Chewing on bones provides dogs with protein and other nutrients. When they gnaw away and lick, endorphins are also released in their brain which helps to calm them and keep them happy. Therefore, the firmer the chew, the more gnawing and licking requires and the more endorphins are released.

Variety and stimulation

As you well know, dogs are very intelligent and need mental stimulation to release energy and keep them calm. Dogs enjoy challenges such as pulling the meat from bones and working for the marrow inside the bones. The wide variety of raw dog treats will keep them interested in their food and enjoying the different textures available. 

Ideal for Training

It comes as no surprise that dogs are very driven by food. Training them requires food that they enjoy but it also means that they munch their way through a lot of treats. 

A variety of raw dog treats are very healthy and therefore can be given as a training reward without worry of your dog gaining too much weight. Ideal as a high value training reward.

Help Clean Teeth

Chewing from bones is a great way to clean dog teeth. As their teeth are evolved to rip meat from bones and their jaws able gnaw through bones, raw dog treats help to scrape away plaque from teeth and strengthen jaws. 

What Raw Dog Treat Are There?

In our Betty & Butch stores, we stock a great selection of raw dog treats. 

Ask our team members if you need any help or advice on feed raw treats for your dog. 

Lamb Ribs

Nutriment's raw lamb ribs come from human-grade quality lamb and are packed full of vital nutrition to keep your dog healthy. Packed with essential fatty acids and containing quality protein and other nutrients, lamb ribs are a great choice for providing your pets with occasional treats, rewards and meal replacement options.

As we ensure with all of our treats, the ribs are 100% natural and free from artificial flavours or preservatives.

Raw Lamb Ribs

Fresh Chicken Necks

Suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs, raw chicken necks contain only high-quality, natural chicken and bone. They are naturally low in fat and contain high-quality protein.

Raw chicken bones are a safe treat as long as the correct bone is chosen and it is served raw.  Non-weight bearing bones  - bones that come from a non-weight bearing part of the animal’s body - like the neck, are fairly soft, so can be digested more easily whilst still offering a bit of a crunchy texture.

Fresh Turkey Necks

Turkey necks are more suitable for large to giant breeds and dogs of all ages.

High-quality turkey is rich in nutrients which are needed to boost nervous system and immune system health. The nutrients found such as - niacin, vitamin B6, selenium and phosphorous - also contribute to the health of the thyroid, bones, skin, teeth and coat.

Raw Turkey Necks

Chicken Hearts

Suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes dogs, our Nutriment chicken hearts are rich in lots of nutrients. They also contain quality protein and are naturally lean, making them a healthy treat for your pet.

Whole Fresh Sprats

Sold as the whole fish, our Nutriment whole frozen sprats provide a wide range of essential nutrition for pets.

Sprats are rich source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids which are great for promoting bone, heart and joint health as well giving your dog a shiny coat.

Fresh Chicken Carcasses

Chicken carcass is a great choice for larger pets. They're ideal for providing your pets with occasional treats, rewards and meal replacement options. Our chicken carcasses are 100% natural, frozen chicken meat and bone.

Fresh Raw Chicken Carcass

Turkey Hearts

Raw Turkey hearts contain quality protein and are naturally lean, making them a great, healthy treat for dogs. They are also a great way to add a variety of taste and texture to your pet's diet.   

Betty & Butch's pet food products range from our own gourmet dog treats to raw, frozen and grain-free dog foods, treats and chews, as well as other pet supplies. If you're all about natural, check out our natural dog treat boxes for more healthy dog treats. We also have a wide variety of natural, air-dried deli treats for every type of dog:

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