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Easter for Dogs: Dog Eggs, Hampers, Toys and Treats

Easter for Dogs: Dog Eggs, Hampers, Toys and Treats

Easter isn't just for us hoomans. Check out our Easter Dog Treats to spoil your dog with this Easter period. When Easter comes, it can be full of food and chocolate for families as we allow ourselves to indulge in some extra special food and treats. However, a lot of our human food can be toxic to dogs so it's important to keep our four-legged friends away from anything which could be harmful.

Easter Dog Treats

To remind yourself of what to keep your dog away from, check out our blog on the Top 5 Things to Keep Your Dog Away From This Easter.

However, just because your furry friend has to be kept safe and away from human chocolate, it doesn't mean that they have to miss out on the Easter fun.

Check out our Easter dog treats to spoil your pet with this year.

Easter Boredom Box - £15.99

Filled with a selection of long-lasting, delicious deli treats packed with natural and wholesome ingredients, our Easter Boredom Box will keep dogs with a bigger chomp happy and satisfied this Easter!

You can even add on our Rabbit Rope Stick Toy if you wanted to give your dog an extra surprise which has multiple materials to keep your dog stimulated.

Easter Boredom Box

Quacker Bites - £4.99

Our Quacker Bites are made from 100% duck meat. These delicious treats are perfect for puppies from 4 weeks old and make a great reward for puppies who are in training.

Full of goodness, and hypoallergenic, they are a natural, healthy treat for your pup to enjoy.

Quacker Bites

Easter Puppy Box - £14.99

Made for puppies from 12 weeks of age, our Easter Puppy Treat Box is packed full of tasty and nutritious snacks (and a fun toy!) which will help keep your puppy happy while benefiting their health and development. 

With Puppy Power - chicken strips with colostrum - and puppy sausages, your pup will certainly enjoy themselves and you'll know they are getting the nutrition that they need.

Easter Puppy Treat Box

Easter Dog Chocolate Rabbits - £4.99

Our Easter Dog Rabbit Chocolates are handmade by our team to allow your dog a taste of safe chocolate this Easter.

Made from specially formulated chocolate substitutes suitable for dogs, these tasty treats are the ideal reward while containing nothing harmful or detrimental to your beloved dog’s health. The perfect handmade Easter dog treat!

Easter Dog Chocolate Rabbits

Duck Strips - £3.99

Made from all-natural, 100% duck meat, these delicious treats are high in protein and are gluten and grain free. 

The strips are easy to tear so they are perfect to use as a training reward and for food-filled toys like KONGs which is bound to keep your dog busy whilst you eat your Easter dinner.

Duck Strips

Easter Eggs For Dogs - £4.99

Your dog will love this fun and tasty Easter egg! Made from Carob, the dog-friendly alternative to chocolate, this Easter Egg For Dogs packed full of the vitamins and health benefits.

Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Easter with your canine companion.

Easter Egg For Dogs

Easter Selection Bunny Bag - £17.99

Our Easter Selection Bag for Dogs is handmade by our team and filled with some of our fan favourite treats for your dog to enjoy this Easter.

Promoting their natural chewing instincts and helping to keep teeth and gums clean and strong, the Easter Selection Bunny Bag features a range of popular Betty & Butch favourites which promise your beloved dog a happy and healthy Easter!


Easter Selection Bunny Bag

Shop our full Easter Collection online. 

The Golden Rabbit Hunt

Six Golden Chocolate Rabbits are hidden in our Easter Collection! Made from dog chocolate and wrapped in gold foil, they could be in our Easter boxes, packs of treats or even tucked in an Easter egg. 

If you are lucky enough to find a Golden Rabbit, you will win a £100 gift voucher to spend online or in store!

The Golden Rabbits could be found in our Handforth store, Chorlton store or in an online order.

Just send us a photograph of the Golden Rabbit on social media or tomarketing@bettyandbutch.co.uk to claim your prize! 


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