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Betty and Butch UK Dog Treat Boxes: Which One Should I Get For My Dog?

Dog Treat Boxes: Which One Should I Get For My Dog?

Our Natural Dog Treat Boxes are filled with the highest quality, natural treats for your dog to enjoy. We take great care in sourcing only the best quality dog treats, as if it's not good enough for our dogs, it's not good enough for yours!

Betty and Butch UK dog deli treat boxes are 100% natural and human-grade quality dog food and treats.

Our treats have a shelf life of three months as they are naturally air-dried to preserve taste and flavour. They are best kept in their box or in an air-tight container. 100% natural, we have boxes to suit all types of dogs from puppies to seniors and small breeds to large breeds. Find out which box is most suitable for your dog.

Betty Boredom Box

One of our signature boxes, Betty’s Boredom Box has everything your dog needs to combat boredom, keeping them on their paws and satisfied for hours. Featuring a variety of our famous dog deli treats which are suited for small to medium dogs who have progressed from puppyhood and love to chomp and chew.

Not only does the box promote their natural chewing instincts and help to keep teeth and gums healthy, but they only contain high-quality ingredients with absolutely no added nasties.

What's In The Box?

  • 2 x Beef Biltong
  • 4 x Chicken & Pork Sausages
  • 1 x Pizzle
  • 3 x Rabbit Ears
  • 2 x Chicken Feet
  • 1 x Duck Foot
  • 1 x Buffalo Ear
  • 1 x Pig Ear
  • 2 x Bully’s Balls
  • 1 x Buffalo Wrapped Trachea



    Butch Boredom Box

    Butch’s Boredom Box is made for heavier chewers as it offers a wide variety of long lasting, delicious deli treats to keep dogs with a bigger bite satisfied and entertained for longer.

    Helping to promote a dog’s natural instinct to chew as well as helping to keep gums and teeth healthy and happy, the treats contain no added nasties or preservatives. 

    What's In The Box?

    • 1x Irish Moon Bone
    • 1x Lamb Horn
    • 2x Goose Feet
    • 1x Beef Udder
    • 1x Sow Ear
    • 1x Large Beef Trachea
    • 1x Buffalo Ear 

    Suitable for dogs over: 5 months




    Our Meze box contains one treat for every day of the month to keep your dog satisfied each day! We change our box each month to allow your dog to enjoy a variety of different and find their favourite. 

    Subscribe for your box to be delivered around the same date every month and save 10%.

    Suitable for dogs over: 5 months


    Monthly Fish Box

    Created to be a healthy dog treat box, especially for dogs who love fish, our Monthly Fish Box changes each month to keep your dog excited by new treats, 

    Fish is low in calories and full of omega 3 to give your dog a healthy and shine coat. You can purchase the Fish Box whenever you want or subscribe to receive it on or around the same date you ordered.

    Suitable for dogs over: 16 weeks


    Fish n Chips

    Designed to be a fun treat box, our dog-friendly Fish n Chip box allows your dog to join in the fun on takeaway night. The box consists of natural sprat fish with British beef chips made from a delicious blend of beef and tripe. With no artificial ingredients, your dog can now enjoy a proper British takeaway with this delicious, grain-free treat box!

    Suitable for dogs over: 16 weeks

    Puppy First Chew Box

    Puppies love to chew and usually our prized possessions take the hit. Finding the right chew for your pup can be hard as we want to give them the best. That's why we have put together our essential puppy chew collection.

    Suitable for puppies over: 12 weeks. This box will grow with your pup with chews for them to enjoy at 14 and 16 weeks.


    Large Breed Puppy Box

    Large breeds puppies need some tough longer lasting chews to keep them entertained and busy. The Large Breed Puppy Box provides a large selection of healthy, tasty dog treats that are long-lasting for your large breed puppy.

    Suitable for puppies over: 16 weeks.

    What's In The Box?

    • 2 x Rabbit Ears
    • 1 x Puffed Pig Snout
    • 2 x Pigs Ears
    • 1 x Buffalo Ear
    • 1 x Buffalo Wrapped Trachea
    • 2 x Beef Tendons
    • 1 x Premium Pizzle
    • 2 x Beef Biltong


    Sausage Surprise Box

    Our famous deli sausages are a fan favourite with our four-legged friends, so that's we've made a special Sausage Surprise Box! A variety of chicken, beef and pork sausages that are gluten and grain-free, we are positive your fluffy companion wouldn’t be able to resist these 100% meat, air-dried snacks.

    What's In The Box?

    • 6 x Chicken & Pork Sausages
    • 6 x Sizzler Sausages
    • 4 x Haggis Sausages
    • 4 x Mini Black Pudding Sausages
    • 2 x Long Black Pudding Sticks



    If you are a dog parent of a picky pup, we understand how frustrating it is when your pooch turn one's nose up to a new dog deli treat. Cue Build-A-Box. Only at Betty & Butch can you experience the fun of making your own custom dog treats and toy goodie box for the pickiest of dogs. The perfect box to fill with your dogs favourite treats, biscuits, and, chew sticks. Our personalised service, including your dog's name and a handwritten gift note, makes it a great birthday and gotcha day present for dogs. Click here to start building your box!

    Build-A-Box: Build your own personalised and custom dog treat box and pick and select your dog's favourite food, treats, and toys.

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