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Unique Puppy Girl Names & Their Meanings

Unique Puppy Girl Names & Their Meanings

Before you choose your puppy’s bed, toys or even their food, the first thing you need to do is to name your puppy. Whether you are naming a new puppy or renaming a rescue dog, choosing a name in what feels like a never ending list of puppy girl names can be difficult.

Unique Puppy Girl Names

While there are many beautiful, popular dog names to choose from, it can be tough to find something unique that reflects your pet’s personality. That’s why we have created a list of original puppy girl names and their meanings, to help you discover the name your puppy was always meant to have.

Puppy Girl Names

According to many dog trainers, puppy girl names that have two syllables are easier for dogs to recognise than names that have just one. This is because two syllable names are easy to say and flow better when giving out commands.

They are also longer which makes it possible to convey emotion when speaking to your dog. Here are some of our favourite unique puppy girl names.

Puppy Girl Names


From the Greek name Ἄλεξις, Alexis is an original puppy girl name that means "helper" or "defender”. Derived from the Greek word ἀλέξω (alexo) which means "to defend, to help", Alexis is a beautiful name that describes that caring nature of your dog. They are a helper and a defender that will protect you in life.


A name of Scottish origin, Bonnie is not heard too often when you take a stroll in the park. Meaning ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘cheerful’, Bonnie is a puppy girl name that literally describes the gorgeous and joyful nature of your dog


A unique puppy girl name that just falls off the tongue, Cleo is a Greek prefix often translated to mean 'pride', 'fame' or 'glory'. Short for Cleopatra or Cleophus, the name is unisex and can have an alternate spelling of Clio.


Greek origin, Dora is short for or derived from names Dorothea or Dorothy. A charming puppy girl name, Dora literally means "Gift", which is a beautiful hidden meaning.


Another name of Greek origin, Echo is a gender-neutral name that means ‘Reverberating Sound’.  For dogs who have excellent vocal chords, this is the one for them.


(עזרא in Hebrew) Ezra is a forename, or Jewish surname of Hebrew origin. Meaning "help" or "helper" in the Hebrew language, this unique puppy girl name is traditionally a masuline name which over the years has become unisex. To “help”, “aid” and “protect”, Ezra is a great name that reflects your dog’s protective and friendly nature.


The name of the Roman goddess of spring, Flora is a pretty pet name which also means "flower". A form of the name Florence, this beautiful puppy girl name brings to mind images of sunny meadows full of wildflowers. 


A unisex name, Harley is derived from the Old English words hara meaning hare, and leah, meaning wood or clearing and meadow. The name Harley literally means "hare's meadow" which is a gracious meaning that reflects beauty and nature.


Another original Greek name which means “rainbow”, Iris was the name of the goddess of the rainbow, according to Greek Mythology. A reflection of colour and happiness, Iris is a perfect name for pets who are vibrant and cheerful.


An ancient name of Latin origin meaning "queen of the heavens", Juno is a lovely puppy girl name that dogs can easily recognise. For dogs who are queens, Juno is a name that is also associated with words like ‘confident’, ‘protector’ and ‘heroine’.


Hindi and Sanskrit origin, and the meaning of Karma is “fate, destiny". Used to name both male and female dogs, Karma is often associated with luck. So if you think you have a lucky pup on your hands, this may be a good name for them.


A mix of chocolate and coffee, Mocha is not commonly known as a girl’s name but has a good ring to it for a pet. The name also evokes excitement, originality and cooperation which is unique in itself. 


A unisex name, Niko is of Slavic orgin and means “victory of the people”. Can also be spelt as ‘Nico’, this original puppy girl name would be perfect for dogs who are head of the household.


A gender-neutral name of German origin, Romy is short for Rosemary and is a beautiful puppy girl name that is thought to come from the Latin word ‘ros marinus’ which means ‘dew of the sea’. Referring to the clouded blue colour of the leaves of sea dew, Romy is a beautiful and original puppy girl name.


The name is of Italian origin, meaning "piece of earth". Used for both males and females, as a puppy girl name, Zola is unique which also has African Zulu origin, where its meaning is "quiet, tranquil, love, productive".

Are There Any Unique Puppy Girl Names You Have Come Across?

These are just a few of the most original puppy girl names we have come across that have wonderful meanings behind them. While naming your new puppy or your rescue dog can be challenging, we hope you find this helpful in searching and choosing the name for your dog.

Struggling with names for your male dog? In the future we will release a list of unique puppy boy names that will help you discover the perfect name for your pet.

Have you got all the puppy essentials ready? If not, read our previous article that explores everything you need to welcome a new puppy - Puppy Essentials List.

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