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Choosing the Right Puppy Bed

Choosing the Right Dog Bed for Your Puppy

Like babies, puppies usually sleep between 18 to 20 hours a day. That’s a lot of hours snoozing! Proper sleep and rest is incredibly important for puppies because it helps to regain energy and helps the development of mental and physical growth. Since sleep is so important for puppies, choosing the right puppy bed becomes just as important so your pup can have a well rested sleep.

Puppy Bed

Factors to Consider When Picking & Placing a Puppy Bed

Size - You should choose the appropriate size for your puppy. Some breeds are bigger than others so you should take into consideration the growth of your puppy in the first couple of months which is where they do most of their growing!

Safe & Secure - The main thing your puppy will benefit from is that their puppy bed is in a safe and secure environment. The first couple of weeks is a daunting time for your pup because they are in a brand new environment that they are not used to yet. A puppy bed with high walls makes a great napping environment for your pup, as well as the position of their bed placed in a safe space.

Warm & Draught-free - While safety and security are a top priority for a puppy bed, placing your puppy’s bed in a warm and draught-free environment is also important. Comfort and warmth will make it much easier for your puppy to snuggle up and catch those zzzz’s.

Lighting - Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to lighting when they sleep - this can be said about puppies and dogs too! If the lighting around your puppy’s bed is too bright, they might find it difficult to fall asleep, or if it's too dark, they might feel too uncomfortable. With that said, all puppies are different, it’s about finding the right preference for your pup.

The Best Puppy Bed Options

The quality of your puppy’s sleep is just as significant as the quantity of your puppy’s sleep, therefore, you should find the perfect puppy bed for your puppy.

What Makes the Perfect Puppy Bed

There are many different options you can choose from that will suit all types of napping preferences from puppy crates to deep wall puppy beds and cushion beds.

Danish Design - My First Bed for Puppies

This round shaped puppy bed made from super soft Sherpa fabric that is specially designed for growing puppies in mind which makes it the perfect first puppy bed!

Besides being super comfortable and cosy, it includes a unique comfort ring that will give your puppy the added feeling of security that they need in their first couple of weeks when welcomed into their forever home. The comfort ring has been designed so that when your puppy grows, it can be removed to increase the bed area.

Danish Design - My First Bed for Puppies

Double Door Crate for Puppies

If you choose a puppy crate as your puppy’s main bed to sleep in, there are many options you can choose from. Available in red or blue, the Double Door Crate is designed to replicate a dog’s natural den, so they feel safe and secure to relax. It has two double latched doors for easy access and a removable tray for easy cleaning.

What's great about puppy crates, is that you can really make it their own with crate bedding and covers that provide warmth and security. Adding a cushion, bumper and cover will really make the ultimate, luxury puppy den. Why not add in our Faux Fur Dog Blanket or the Stitched Fleece Blanket.

Double Door Crate for Puppies

Junior Bed for Puppies

An essential part of your puppy’s new home environment is to ensure they have a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Made from breathable, plush polyester material, this Junior Bed for Puppies is snug, secure and safe for all puppies to play and rest.

Adorable design and comforting features, it has mint coloured piping, a welcome patch of the front and fishbone detail on the base of the bed. With a non-slip bottom and easy access at the front which provides ease for your puppy to jump on in and relax.

Junior Bed for Puppies

Made From Bed Puppy Bed

An excellent puppy bed option that does good for our big, blue planet is the Made From Bed Puppy Bed. It’s constructed from 100% recycled fabric and stuffing from post-consumer recycled plastics such as bottle tops. Each bed is equivalent to 52 plastic bottles that have been recycled, how amazing is that?

Besides being very eco-friendly, they are incredibly soft and feature well stuffed, plump sides and base for extra comfort, perfect for dogs and puppies who like to curl up to sleep. Available in pink or blue.

Made from Bed Puppy Bed

Fatface Marching Dogs Bed

Another eco-friendly puppy bed, the Fatface Marching Dogs Bed has a quirky dog print design made on 100% BCI (The Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. BCI cotton helps farmers grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the welfare of farming communities.

Positively impacting the environment, the puppy bed is filled with 100% recycled fibre from plastic bottles. Paired with a soft grey Sherpa fleece, the enclosed design means that your puppy will feel cosy and secure for a sleepless night. 

Fatface Marching Dogs Bed

A Comfy Puppy Bed Means a Comfy Puppy!

A suitable puppy bed will make your puppy feel more at ease when they want to snuggle up and fall asleep. If your puppy is not getting enough sleep, it can affect their development and lead to both mental and behavioural problems so make sure their puppy bed provides both warmth and security.

Got a new puppy and want to make them feel right at home? We now do a Welcome Home Puppy Gift Box! With an exclusive, cosy plush blanket, a teething rope dog toy and many natural puppy treats, your puppy will have everything they need in the first weeks at their forever home.

Welcome Home Puppy Gift Box

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