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The Best Calming Tablets for Dogs

The Best Calming Tablets for Dogs

It’s that time of year again when holidays like Halloween, Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve are celebrated with fireworks, along with more rainy, thunderous days than any other season. While everyone loves the magical colours in the sky, fireworks and thunder are loud and one of the top leading stressful events that can upset dogs. So knowing the best calming tablets for dogs will help to prepare your anxious pup for the loud events to come.

Calming Tablets for Dogs

What are the Best Calming Tablets for Dogs?

While there are many Effective Methods to Calm a Dog, sometimes the most anxious and frightened pets need a little extra help to prevent severe stress which can lead to dangerous situations. This is where calming tablets come in.

The best calming tablets for dogs are the ones that have a calming blend of natural and botanical extracts, that contain no artificial nasties that can upset your dog even more.

Ideally for pets who have severe phobias, calming tablets for dogs should be started at least a month before the event but we will explore this in more detail for each calming product.

Dog Calming Tablets

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets - Dorwest

Naturally relaxes your pet with the active herbs of valerian, scullcap, mistletoe and gentian by supporting calming pathways within the nervous system.

Therefore, reducing anxiety, fear and stress without immobilising muscles or causing drowsiness. They can be used for a whole range of scary pet situations like noise phobias, separation anxiety and travelling.

Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

When to Start: A minimum of 3 weeks, ideally 4 weeks before an event that can cause your dog stress like Bonfire Night. 

Administration: Give daily, ideally splitting the dose to give half in the morning and half in the evening. They can be given with or without food, whatever your pet prefers. For best results, we advise the tablets to be used every day for a minimum of three weeks.

Valerian Compound - Dorwest

Frightened, anxious, hyperactive or stressed animals can be calmed quickly using this easy to give liquid. The concentrated herbal extracts used in this liquid ensure that within just 30 minutes a noticeable change in behaviour occurs without causing drowsiness.

When faced with unexpected events like thunderstorms, fireworks or loud noises, Valerian Compound has a fast action and it can also be used in conjunction with Scullcap and Valerian Tablets in especially fearful situations.

Dorwest Valerian Compound

When to Start: The more severe the phobia, the earlier you should start, up to a month in some cases. For moderate phobias, start around 10 days before the predicted worst night. However, even if you only start the day or so before your dog will still benefit.

Administration: Dropped into the mouth, given on food or even just a few drops sprinkled on a pet’s bedding can result in a calmer pet. It is not recommended to give more than two administrations of the stated amount in 24 hours.

Calm - Phytopet

Using a combination of natural herbal, botanical extracts of valerian, scullcap, oats and passionflower, it calms your pet in just 20 minutes.

It is a very effective calming treatment for dogs and cats who suffer from stress, anxiety or hyperactivity during fireworks or other noise phobias. It contains 100% natural ingredients to ensure that your pet is only getting the best.

Phytopet Calm

When to Start: Calm supplement calms your pet within 20 minutes, making it perfect for calming your pet during fireworks or any time your pet is stressed or anxious.

Administration: This herbal supplement can be dropped into your pet's food or water bowl to easily administer the calming herbal extracts.

Calm Xtra - Phytopet

A stronger alternative to Calm by Phytopet, it is a fast acting herbal supplement that contains the same valerian, scullcap, oats and passionflower, but with wild lettuce and Jamaica dogwood.

Jamaica dogwood is a well known nerve relaxant, used by herbalists for over-excitability and sleeplessness, with wild lettuce working well in combination with valerian and passionflower to relieve insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and excitability.

Phytopet Calm Xtra

When to Start: Calm Xtra is fast acting, working in 20 minutes. This herbal remedy is best given on the day if you have left it too late to start other remedies.

Administration: Just drop the formula into your pet's food, following the recommended dosage amount.

YuCalm - Lintbells

YuCalm by Lintbells uses a clever combination of natural calming ingredients of lemon balm and L-Theanine with B vitamins to help reduce anxiety or stress by supporting natural calming pathways in the brain, supporting dogs to become more happy and playful.

At times of stress, your pet's body uses vitamins and minerals at a high rate, in particular, B vitamins which YuCalm replaces to help support your dog’s vitamin requirements.

Lintbells YuCalm Dog

When to Start: Ideally 3 to 6 weeks before to see the full benefits but good effects can still be seen even after just a few days.

Administration: Follow the recommended dosage amount that is based on weight. If your dog is taking more than 1 tablet a day we would recommend to spread the ration out throughout the day. 

Start Early with Calming Tablets for Dogs

It’s not long now until firework season so make sure you are prepared in advance if you have a particularly fearful or anxious pet. Some calming tablets for dogs work more efficiently if started a month before like the Skullcap and Valerian Tablets or YuCalm.

Although, others are fast acting, with effects seen just after a couple of days or even 20 minutes after the first recommended dosage. It’s never too late, so you and your dog can relax knowing that all dogs who are spooked by loud noises during firework season can be stress-free.

Start early with Calming Tablets for Dogs

Remember to read labels and while most calming tablets for dogs can be used in conjunction with other products, we always recommend consulting your vet first if your dog is on existing medications.

With darker, colder night ahead, make sure you are extra safe when walking your dog at night and have a read of our previous blog on Night Safety Tips for Dog Walkers.

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