September 21, 2020 1 min read

It’s National Dog Week!
National Dog Week is a great opportunity to celebrate our beloved dogs and to help those in need.

National Dog week started in 1928 when a World War 1 veteran and canine advocate Captain William Judy wanted to celebrate dogs and decided to recognise their service and unconditional love to humans over a week.  

It’s not just a holiday or a week to treat your dog; it is a great time to think about how dogs make our lives richer and the dedicated service they give every day from sniffer dogs to rescue dogs.

Dogs are currently training to detect COVID in humans, we always knew they were terrific, but this is something special.

We like to celebrate Nation Dog Week by giving thanks for the two wonderful rescue dogs.  Betty & Butch would not be here today if it was not for our first dog Duke, Duke was a rescue from Manchester Dogs home and was the sole reason we opened the UK’s first dedicated dog store, some say the dog store revolution would not have happened without the efforts of Betty & Butch to push the industry along a more natural path.

Duke RIP over rainbow bridge xx

Our second rescue Dog is Nuala, Nuala was rehomed from the Dogs Trust, and she just celebrated her sixth birthday.

COVID is proving a difficult time for shelters, and more than ever they need our help.  This week we have created a drop off points in our store so you can bring any used (good condition) dog leads, collars, coats, blankets and food (unopened).

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