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Best Puppy Training Treats From 8 Weeks: What Can They Eat?

Best Puppy Training Treats From 8 Weeks: What Can They Eat?

Just standing in the dog food aisle is enough to baffle any pet owner—with the dizzying number of choices, it can be difficult to make heads or tails of what to feed a dog - especially a newly adopted puppy. Should you go the tried-and-true route with a kibble from a big-box brand? Or should you experiment with the trendy raw food advertised in your Instagram feed? Cue Betty & Butch. 

Welcoming a new puppy is so exciting and simultaneously daunting as you only want to feed them the best, natural products. Betty & Butch will always find different age limits on our treats which come down to a variety of factors. 

Best Puppy Training Treats From 8 Weeks: What Can They Eat?

The decision for an age limit can come down to the size and firmness of the chew or it can come down to the composition and how rich the treat would for a puppy's stomach.

It goes without saying that all dogs are different and so you have to factor in their breed and eating patterns. Age guidelines are put in place as suggestions to keep your puppy in the best health.

So, which puppy treats are suitable from 8 weeks old?

    Seafood Training Treats

    Created in the shape of a fish, our Seafood Training Treats are made from gently steamed, sustainably sourced natural salmon, trout and white fish.

    They are high in omega 3 & 6 to encourage a heathy and shiny coat and contain no added wheat or gluten. 


    Our natural puppy treats contain no artificial flavours or preservatives so that your dog is only getting the good stuff.

    • Steam Cooked Fish
    • Highly Digestible
    • Gluten & Wheat-free
    • Source of Omega 3 & 6
    • Perfect for Training
    • Suitable for Puppies

    Three Bird Training Treats

    Comprised of freshly prepared poultry including chicken, duck and turkey, our Three Bird Training Treats are a delicious training treat. They are perfectly sized for your dog to enjoy as a training reward or as a snack during those puppy training sessions.

    The crunchy texture helps to scrape away plaque from their teeth providing dental care for your dog in their early stages.


    Three Bird Training Treats are highly digestible and contain no added wheat or gluten so are suitable for sensitive digestions and for all dogs including puppies from 8 weeks old.

    • Freshly Prepared Poultry
    • Highly Digestible
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Gluten & Wheat-free
    • Excellent for Oral Care
    • Perfect for Training
    • Suitable for Puppies

      Beef Balls

      Made with high quality, tasty beef, Beef Balls are the perfect choice for dogs and puppies to enjoy as a healthy treat.

      With colostrum, they help boost the immune system and promote a healthy gut. Beef Balls are high in protein, gluten-free and help to support healthy teeth and gums.


      • Gluten-free
      • Colostrum to Boost Immune System
      • Promotes Healthy Digestion
      • Well Accepted
      • Excellent Training Treats
      • Suitable for Puppies from 8 Weeks

      Forthglade Soft Lamb Bites

      These naturally soft, grain-free treats are hand-baked and packed full of flavour.

      They are a high reward treat for dogs aged 8 weeks or older.

      Each individual treat can be easily broken up for smaller dogs, or to make them last longer. 

      Made using natural ingredients, there are no chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavours - just natural goodness that your dog will love!


      Puppy Power

      Our Puppy Power Treats are chicken sticks that contain colostrum. They are a great preventive health treat for dogs as colostrum is the perfect ingredient to support a healthy immune function whilst being super tasty for chewing fun.

      Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from a mother’s mammary glands during the first 72 hours after birth. It provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that ensure the health and vitality of a puppy.


      Colostrum enhances resistance to the harmful effects of pollutants, contaminants and allergens and with a delicious, meaty flavour they are a special delicacy no dog is able to resist.

      • Natural Chicken Meat
      • Colostrum for a Strong Immune System
      • Enhances Resistance to Harmful Allergens
      • Soft Consistency
      • Perfect for Training Sessions
      • Ideal for Puppies & Seniors

      Innocent Hound Puppy Training Treats

      These succulent puppy treats are simple, gentle and small, making them perfect for a puppy to enjoy.

      They are lovingly hand-made in Yorkshire using sustainably sourced British lamb. Made with the finest ingredients, the treats are gently air-dried to retain their nutrients and flavour. 

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