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Top Tips For Teaching Your Dog Recall

Top Tips For Teaching Your Dog Recall

Do you have trouble getting your dog to come when called? Teaching them to reliably recall can be one of the most difficult training exercises, but it’s also one of the most important! A strong recall is an essential part of any dog’s safety and preventing unwanted interactions with humans, other animals or dangerous situations. In this blog post, we share our top tips for teaching your furry friend to reliably come back when they’re called — no matter how tempting that squirrel might be!
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How to Keep Your Dog Warm on Winter Walks

How to Keep Your Dog Warm on Winter Walks

Cold winter days and nights can be miserable for everyone, including our beloved dogs. As dog owners, it's important to bundle up our pups so they are comfortable when we take them out for a walk in the chilly weather - after all, no one wants to feel cold and uncomfortable. Here we’ll discuss how you can keep your pup warm on those brisk winter walks: from the right gear to choosing the right route for safety and comfort. So let's get outside - you'll both have a better time once your pup is fully prepared for the temperature!

Invest in a warm winter coat for your dog

As the weather starts to get colder, it's important to remember that our furry friends need protection from the winter chill just like we do. Investing in a warm winter coat for your dog is a great way to make sure they stay comfortable and cosy during the colder months. Not all dogs are equipped to handle the colder temperatures, especially smaller breeds or those with thinner coats. A warm winter coat will keep your pup’s core temperature up, preventing them from getting sick and making sure your walks are enjoyable for both you and your pooch. Plus, with so many stylish options available, your dog can look just as fashionable as you do in their winter gear! So why not make this winter a little more enjoyable for your furry friend by investing in a warm and cosy coat?

Get them booties to protect their paws from snow and ice

As the temperature drops and snow starts falling, it's important to protect your furry friend's paws from the harsh winter elements. Snow and ice can be painful and even cause frostbite or injuries to your dog's paws. The easiest solution? Booties! These protective coverings can help keep your dog's paws warm, dry, and free from any cuts or scrapes that may come from walking on icy surfaces. With a wide variety of booties available on the market, you can find the perfect pair for your dog to ensure they stay comfortable and healthy all winter long. So, if you haven't already, get them booties! Your dog will thank you.

Pack extra towels to keep their fur dry and free of snow

As the winter months approach, keeping our furry friends dry can be a challenge. The snow can cling to their fur, causing them to feel cold and uncomfortable. To alleviate this, packing extra towels during your winter outings with your dog can make a huge difference. These towels can be used to wipe down any snow or moisture that collects on their fur, ensuring they stay warm and dry. Additionally, drying them off after a walk or playtime in the snow can help minimise any potential infections or health issues that can arise from wet fur. In short, packing extra towels is a smart and simple way to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter.

Use a dog-friendly ice melt to prevent slipping on slick surfaces outside

Winter can be treacherous, especially when icy and slippery conditions leave us vulnerable to falls. For dog owners, while we want to keep ourselves safe, it's also essential to think about the safety of our furry friends. Many conventional ice-melting products can be harmful to dogs' paws or even toxic if ingested. That's why it's vital to use a dog-friendly ice melt that is safe for both humans and dogs. These products contain ingredients such as calcium magnesium acetate, potassium chloride, and glycols instead of harmful salts such as chloride and sodium. Not only do they provide peace of mind, but they're also a more humane option for our dogs and the environment. So, before the next winter storm hits, remember to protect yourself and your dogs with a safe and effective dog-friendly ice melt.

Monitor the temperature closely - if it's too cold, consider keeping them inside

As dog owners, we always want the best for our furry friends. It's important to be aware of the drastic effects extreme temperatures can have on our dogs. Keeping a close eye on the temperature outside is crucial, especially during the winter months when the cold can really take a toll. If it's too cold, consider keeping your furry friend indoors where it's warm and cosy. Don't take any chances with their well-being, monitor the temperature closely and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe and comfortable.

Take frequent breaks to give your pup a chance to warm up and rest during the walk

Going for a walk with your furry friend is one of the most enjoyable activities for both of you. However, as much as your pup loves to be active, they also need frequent breaks to rest and warm up. Taking a break during your walk gives your pup a chance to sniff around, stretch their legs, and catch their breath before continuing on. Not only does it allow them to rest, but it's also a chance for you to bond with your dog. So, the next time you take your pup for a walk, be sure to stop and take a breather every so often - your four-legged friend will thank you for it!

Make sure they have access to plenty of water during and after the walk

It's crucial to make sure your furry friend has easy access to water during and after a walk. Even on cooler days, dogs can quickly become dehydrated, especially if they're playing and exerting energy. Bringing a portable water bottle and bowl combo can make drinking during breaks a breeze. Once you've made it back home, don't forget to replenish their water bowl with cool, clean water. Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining your dog's overall health, and providing them with easy access to water before, during, and after a walk is an excellent way to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Consider investing in some of these cold-weather accessories for your pooch and as a responsible dog parent, be aware of weather conditions before you set out on your walk. There’s nothing worse than a freezing pup whose feet feel like ice against the snow and while no one can control the weather outside, you can do your best to protect your dog from the elements. With just a few simple precautions, you can still enjoy an outdoor stroll with your dog this winter—it just might look a little different than usual. To make sure your pup stays safe and warm in cold temperatures, keep these seven tips in mind whenever taking your dog out into colder climates.

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Dog and Child Safety Tips

Dog and Child Safety Tips

It can be both exciting and intimidating for a parent when bringing home a new puppy or dog. Not only do you have to worry about adding a new four-legged family member into your house, but you also must keep the safety of that pup — as well as their interaction with your children – top of mind. To make sure everyone in the household is happy, healthy, and safe, it’s important to follow some basic rules on how to properly introduce a dog and child. Read on for our expert tips on balancing between safety and fun when welcoming an animal into your family dynamic!

Introduce the dog to your children slowly, letting them get used to one another

Introducing a new dog to your children can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. It's important to remember that dogs have their own personalities and comfort levels, just like people. Taking the time to introduce your children and the dog properly can help ensure a smooth transition. Start off by allowing them to sniff each other from a distance and gradually allow for closer interaction under adult supervision. It's also important to teach children how to safely and respectfully interact with the dog, including ways to approach, touch, and play. By taking it slow and being patient, you can help create a positive and lasting bond between your children and their new furry friend.

Teach your children how to approach and interact with a dog without frightening it

Dogs are wonderful companions, and it's important that your kids learn how to interact with them safely and respectfully. Approaching a dog can be a bit daunting, but with a little guidance, your child can gain confidence and build positive relationships with furry friends. Start by teaching your child to ask permission from the owner before approaching a dog. Then, show them how to approach the dog slowly, with an outstretched hand for the dog to sniff. Encourage your child to speak in a calm, soothing voice and avoid sudden movements or loud noises that may scare the dog. With these simple tips, your child can learn to interact with dogs in a way that's safe, kind, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Establish ground rules for interaction between dogs and children, such as not pulling ears or tails

When it comes to children and dogs interacting, it is important to establish ground rules to ensure the safety of both parties involved. One of the most important rules is to teach children to never pull on a dog's ears or tail. While children may see this as playful behaviour, it can actually be quite painful for the dog and could potentially provoke a dangerous response. It is also important to teach children to approach dogs slowly and calmly and to always ask the owner for permission before attempting to interact with a new dog. By establishing these ground rules, children can enjoy safe and positive interactions with dogs, while also preventing any potential harm or injury.

Make sure all dogs receive basic obedience training so they know how to behave around people

For many people, dogs are cherished members of the family. However, without proper training, they can become unpredictable around people and other animals. Basic obedience training can help ensure that dogs understand common commands and behave appropriately. This training typically includes commands like sit, stay, and come, which are fundamental for any dog to learn. While it may take some time and effort to train your dog, the benefits are well worth it. A well-trained dog is not only easier to handle, but they are also less likely to cause trouble or get themselves into dangerous situations. In the end, providing your furry friend with obedience training can help to promote a healthy and happy bond between you and your dog.

Supervise any interactions between children and dogs closely

As dog owners and parents, it is important to understand the risks involved when children and dogs interact. While many dogs are gentle and friendly, it is impossible to predict how they will react in certain situations. Children may unintentionally provoke a dog, causing them to become frightened or agitated. This can lead to unfortunate and avoidable incidents. As a precaution, it is crucial to supervise any interactions between children and dogs closely. By doing so, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both your child and furry friend. Remember, a watchful eye can prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.

Provide a safe space for the dog to retreat to when it needs some alone time

Dogs need their alone time too, just like humans do. Providing a safe space for your furry friend to retreat to can help reduce the stress and anxiety they may experience when feeling overwhelmed. This can be a crate, a comfortable bed in a quiet corner or even a designated room. You may want to provide some comforting items such as a favourite blanket or toy to help them feel more at ease. It's important to teach your dog that this space is theirs and to respect their need for privacy when they're inside. Having a safe space for your dog to retreat to can also be a helpful training tool, as well as a way to give your dog a sense of security and comfort.

Teach your children to never disturb a dog while it is eating or sleeping

As dog owners, it's important for us to teach our children the proper ways to interact with our furry companions. One important lesson is to never disturb a dog while it is eating or sleeping. Dogs are creatures of habit who need a routine to feel safe and secure. Disrupting their meals or nap time can cause them to feel stressed or aggressive. Teaching children to respect a dog's personal space and boundaries not only ensures the safety of both the child and the dog but also fosters a healthy and happy relationship between the two. So, next time your child wants to play with the family dog, remind them to wait until the dog is finished eating or awake before approaching them.

Having a family dog can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved, as long as safety precautions are taken. It is important to introduce the dog to your children in a slow and controlled way and let them get used to each other. Furthermore, teach your children how to responsibly interact with dogs but also establish ground rules for what kind of behaviour is acceptable. It's also important that all dogs have basic obedience skills to ensure the safety of your children while they're interacting with them. Don't forget to always supervise these interactions and make sure that both parties remain comfortable and safe at all times; this includes making sure the dog has a place where it can retreat when it needs some alone time. Finally, instruct your kids never to disturb a dog while it's eating or sleeping. By following these easy steps, you can be sure that everyone in the family will enjoy their time together safely!

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How Can I Make My Dog Happy?

How Can I Make My Dog Happy?

If you own a dog, chances are you want them to be as happy as possible! After all, dogs have such sweet souls and they give us so much joy. Unfortunately, keeping our furry friends content can sometimes feel like a challenge. So how can you ensure your pup is always in good spirits? The key lies in understanding what makes your dog tick - from physical activities that keep him healthy to mental stimulation that keeps his inner life active and vibrant. By taking the time to learn about your dog's unique needs, tastes and interests, you'll be able to provide them with the best environment for a long life of happiness together.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise - take them for walks, runs, hikes, etc.

Dogs are energetic creatures that need to stay active to burn off excess energy. Regular exercise not only helps to maintain their physical health, but it is also crucial to their overall emotional well-being. Taking your furry friend for walks, runs, hikes, or playing in the park will stimulate their minds and bodies, preventing them from getting bored or anxious. Besides, when dogs get enough exercise, they tend to be better-behaved and less destructive. Remember, exercise is not only about burning off calories, but it also helps to build muscles and strengthen bones. So, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise to keep them healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

Spend quality time with your pup - play fetch, give belly rubs, etc.

As dog owners, we know how important it is to spend quality time with our furry companions. There are many fun and engaging activities that we can do with our pups, such as playing fetch, going for a walk, or simply giving belly rubs. These activities not only strengthen our bond with our dogs, but they also provide physical exercise and mental stimulation for our furry friends. Dogs are social animals and enjoy being around their human families, so it's important to make time in our busy schedules to give them the attention they deserve. By taking regular breaks throughout the day to play with our pups, we can improve their overall happiness and well-being while enjoying the many benefits of dog ownership.

Give your dog regular grooming sessions - brush their fur and trim their nails

Regular grooming sessions are essential for keeping our furry friends healthy and happy. Brushing your dog's coat helps to distribute essential oils, prevent matting and tangles, and reduces shedding. Plus, it's a great way to bond with your dog and show them some extra love and attention. But grooming isn't just about the coat - trimming your dog's nails is also crucial for their overall well-being. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, pain and even injury. So take the time to give your dog some TLC with regular grooming sessions, and they'll thank you with plenty of tail-wagging and wet kisses.

Ensure that the dog has access to a comfortable bed or blanket

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that our furry friends have access to everything they need for a happy and healthy life. This includes providing them with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Whether it's a soft bed or a cosy blanket, dogs need a comfortable place to lay their heads at night. This is especially true for older dogs or those with health issues that make it difficult for them to move around. Giving them a comfortable bed or blanket not only helps them rest better, but it also shows them that we care about their well-being. So next time you're looking to spoil your dog, consider investing in a comfortable sleeping area – your furry friend will thank you!

Ultimately, your dog’s well-being is in your hands. Taking the time to give them enriching activities, comfortable and safe environments, and lots of love will go a long way. This doesn’t mean that you need to be the perfect dog parent all the time – we all have bad days or weeks where life gets in the way. What it does mean is that when you can, take that extra few seconds to give them a belly rub or throw their favourite toy across the yard. Investing just a little bit of extra effort into caring for them can make a world of difference! So remember: exercise, quality time, grooming sessions, healthy treats, stimulating toys and safe sleeping areas will go a long way towards happy and healthy canine companionship.

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