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Blue Junior Front Body Carrier Sling for Small Dogs and Puppies

The joy of having a new puppy is not far off from having a baby at home. Since you can’t leave them all alone, especially in the first couple of weeks, this extremely soft Junior Front Carrier Sling for puppies and small dogs just makes it that much easier for you to take your puppy out and about in the world!

Allowing easy access to your puppy at all times since the sling is carried in front of the body, the puppy sling has a wide, entry opening at the top which makes it easy for your new companion to enter. 

Made from extremely soft polyester cotton, the puppy sling is the ideal fabric choice for puppies to nap without causing them any irritation. Durable and comfortable for both owner and pet, it even includes a short leash on the inside that clips onto your dog’s collar. Also available in grey/mint.

  • Front Body Carrier Sling
  • Soft Polyester Cotton
  • Opening at the Top
  • Safe & Secure
  • Adorable Welcome Patch
  • With Integrated Short Leash
  • Suitable for Puppies & Small Dogs (up to 5kg)


Blue/Light Grey: 22 x 20 x 60cm


For your dog’s safety, you should always clip the short leash to your dog’s collar so they are safe and secure. Comfortably fits puppies and small dogs that weigh up to 5kg. Machine washable at 30 °C.

Customer Reviews

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Pup mum
Pet carrier

A great way to take a young pup out to get used to sights, sounds and smells before the pup has had its vaccinations. The carrier is well made and the material is soft and makes it cosy for the pup. Colours are nice too and the internal clip makes it safe. The strap feels a bit on the short side but the weight of the pup helps. The carrier overall is a good product.