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Phytopet Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement for Dogs - Liver & Gall Bladder Support


Herbal supplement for dogs to support the liver and gall bladder. Silymarin, the main active compound in Milk Thistle, is one of the most potent liver supportive substances known. In studies Silymarin has been shown to aid glutathione production in the liver by around 30%.

Glutathione is used by the body to make peroxidase one of the body's most potent free radical fighting enzymes, thus aiding detoxification significantly. Silymarin also supports protein synthesis in the liver encouraging the growth of healthy liver cells.
Milk Thistle can aid bile flow an attribute that supports both liver and gall bladder. 

Easy to administer, simply add to food water or treat. 30ml bottle. Tested on people, not animals.

  • 100% Tincture no fillers
  • Liver and Gall Bladder support
  • Assists Liver function

  • Suggested Use

    Small dogs, cats & rabbits 5-7 drops

    Medium dogs 7-10 drops

    Large dogs 10 -15 drops

    Give 2-3 times a day added to food or water. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy. If in any doubt, always contact your vet.


    Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)