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MEATLOVE Pasture Raised Goat 800g

PASTURE-RAISED GOAT with pumpkin and swedes
• Single protein, 100% goat
• Cereal- and gluten-free

800 g

Peel back label to read the instructions in English.

Feeding Guide (Adult Dog)

5 kg: 200 - 300 g

10 kg: 350 - 450 g

20 kg: 650 - 750 g

30 kg: 850 - 950 g

Approximate values to be tailored to your dog’s individual circumstances (exercise, activity, race, metabolism, season). We recommend regular weight checks!

80% goat (composed of 70% goat meat and goat heart, 10% goat larynge, 10% goat lung, 10% goat liver), 9% swedes, 8% pumpkin, 2% rosehip and 1% thyme from food production

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 14.0%, crude fat 8.2%, crude ash 5.1%, crude fibre 1.1%, moisture 67.5%, carbohydrates 4.1%

Energetic feed value:
556 kJ/100 g (133 kcal)
Ca = 0.89%, P = 0.60%

Goat meat is particularly rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is therefore particularly tolerable, regarded as hypoallergenic and excellently suitable for diets.
Ingredients containing starch have been completely refrained from with this variety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elaine Vickers
Amazing appeal!

If ever I want to be sure that my rather fussy puppy will eat something without a fuss I offer her some Meatlove goat - she goes wild for it!

kay davenport
Pure goatmeat heaven

My uzzy dog loves this goatmeat in fact when i open up the pack it smells good enough for me to eat, she doesnt get tummy upset with this food Its awesome. To cap it all off this company is a joy to deal with, communication is fantastic i knew to the hour when my delivery was being delivered to my door.

Mary Bews
Goat meatloaf

This was really good quality, one of our boys loved it but the other one wasn't keen, just different tastes, my sisters dog couldn't get enough of it though. Would totally recommend this x