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Kong™ Wiggi Alligator Dog Enrichment Toy - Extra Squeak


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Kong™ Wiggi Alligator is plump full of fun and extra squeak for extra excitement. Built with a full body, these clever critters are great for long-lasting play sessions. A variety of textures give dog’s a multi-textured chewing delight and a big squeak ensures that the playful side of any dog is engaged.

What Betty & Butch love:

  • Mentally stimulating squeak toy; offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual curiosity
  • Varied textures entice for active exploration, bite and play
  • Full-bodied for longer lasting play sessions
  • Extremely durable, but still safe for teeth

“Indestructible” dog toys should be durable and well-made, but still safe for your dog’s teeth, cue Kong™ Wiggi Alligator. Not suitable for tough chewers.

Measurements: Height: 19cm - Length: 14.5cm - Width: 9.5cm