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KONG® Tuggz™ Neon Monkey Dog Rope Toy - Extra-long Tugging


My dog is always monkeying around. 🐒


The KONG Tuggz monkey is sized XL for extra-long tugging and tossing play sessions. The long body and rope ends are ideal for shaking and thrashing fun while meeting a dogs natural chewing needs. With a plush body, dual squeakers and crinkly arms spark instincts to play and shake. The snuggly plush makes these pals irresistibly cuddly to hanging out with making the ideal friend for indoor play.

Dogs need to play: This teddy bear looks like a normal plush toy on the outside, but on the inside it has a knotted rope for extra durability. And because the KONG Tuggz Monkey has rope on the inside, it has a smaller amount of stuffing — which means less mess if your pup manages to tear it open. It even squeaks to keep your dog’s interest!

While it may be plush on the outside, don’t expect your pup to tear the KONG Tuggz Monkey to pieces like all of his other stuffed toys. The rope on the inside is actually super durable, which reinforces the plush body. The rope inside the dog enrichment toy also makes it an excellent tug toy, since both you and your pup have something sturdy to hold onto. The snuggly plush makes these pals irresistibly cuddly to hang out with, making the ideal friend for indoor play.

What Betty & Butch love:

  • Extra large dog toy with rope fulfils chewing instincts
  • Long body for shaking and thrashing fun
  • Minimal stuffing for less mess
  • Soft yet durable
  • Mentally stimulating squeak toy; offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual curiosity
  • Crinkly arms add to the engagement
  • Extremely durable, but still safe for teeth
Length - 57cm
Width - 14cm