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KONG™ Occasions Blue Celebrate Balloon Rope Toy - Birthday for Dogs


It's my pawty and I'll woof if I want to.


What should I do for my dog's birthday? In search of the most pawfect present to celebrate your doggo’s birthday? You’ve come to the right place. Make your dog’s birthday memorable with KONG™ Occasions. As we all know, dogs absolutely love to play. Make their special day extra fun with with a squeak and shake with a fetch toy that cranks up the fun for your little party animal!

KONG™ Occasions Dog Birthday Balloon's long rope flips and flops for a fiesta of shaking that's way more satisfying to your pup than blowing out candles. Put your pup in a room with a ton of birthdays toys and watch the excitement ensue.

What Betty & Butch love:

  • Stimulating rope toy; offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual shaking habit
  • Crinkles and squeaks to entice play
  • 'Celebrate' in bold text on front and KONG™ logo on the back
  • Varied textures entice for active exploration, bite and play
  • Full-bodied for longer lasting play sessions
  • Extremely durable, but still safe for teeth

Crinkling and squeaking sounds keep your dog engaged in healthy, active romping with a birthday balloon that never deflates. Wrap up the gift and let your dog have the opportunity to open it.

Many owners of adopted dogs don't know their pup's exact date of birth. You might choose to celebrate the day you brought your bundle of fur home instead of their birthday, or maybe you like to recognise both! Let friends and family know this is the anniversary of the day you got your best friend with a “Gotcha Day” novelty gift!

Balloon plush: Height: 24cm - Width: 12cm
Rope tug: Length: 32cm - Width: 3cm
Overall: Length: 56cm