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Itch Flea Spot On for Small Dogs 2 to 10kg 3 Pipettes

Small Dog - 2 to 10kg

Itch Flea Spot On for Small Dogs 2 to 10kg 3 Pipettes

Fast-acting Itch Flea treatment for dogs is vet-approved and scientifically proven to protect your pooch and your home from fleas. The double-action spot-on flea treatment kills adult fleas within 24 hours, halts all other flea life stages in their tracks and stops any new fleas tormenting your dog. Plus it also kills ticks and lice.

Suitable for adult dogs and puppies 8 weeks or older.


Attacks the central nervous systems of fleas and kills them within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Sucks to be you, fleas.

(S) Methoprene 
Directly penetrates flea eggshells, preventing flea larvae and pupae from developing. So long, suckers.


Symptoms of flea infestation in your dog can include itching, scratching, visible flea dirt, hair loss from overgrooming or skin irritation. It can also include mysterious insect bites popping up on you, as well.

5 fleas on an untreated pet can lead to 1 million + eggs infesting your home in as little as 4 weeks*. That’s why it’s important you give your dog their flea treatment every month to stop any unwanted lodgers moving in.

Top tip: If you think you’ve found flea dirt, run a damp cotton wool pad over it. If the dirt turns red, those fleas aren’t dead. This means you’re dealing with a live infestation.

Our double-action, spot-on flea treatment for dogs, Itch Flea, kills adult fleas within 24 hours, halts all other flea life stages in their tracks and stops any new fleas from infecting your dog, protecting your pooch until their next monthly flea treatment. Plus it kills ticks and lice!

*Based on an untreated pet having 5 fleas not being groomed off, each laying 50 eggs per day, developing into new fleas in 14 days and new fleas jumping on and laying more eggs.


Using a flea spot-on treatment for dogs is a super quick and easy way to get rid of fleas and keep your pooch and home flea-free.

For some dog parents, giving their four-legged friend a flea tablet can be a real ordeal. Spare yourself (and your dog) the stress by treating them with a flea treatment that is applied to your dog's coat instead.

As we always say, prevention is better than cure. Itch Flea treatment for dogs attacks fleas at all life stages to help keep your dog (and your home) flea-free. This means you can avoid needing to resort to flea bombs. It’s a real faff needing to evacuate your home for hours while it works, not to mention adequately airing out the space after so it’s safe for pets and humans alike to go back inside!