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Grain-Free Natural Lamb Sweet Potato And Veg Healthy Adult Dog Food

Size: 2kg
  • Grass-fed lamb with sweet potato and vegetables. An easily digestible protein source, lamb is a very rewarding and delicious protein that contains vitamin B12 and iron to help keep adult dogs healthy. With sweet potato as an alternative to grains, it is hypoallergenic and rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for your dog’s diet. Added omega-3 supports healthy skin and coat and probiotics promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It is an excellent, nutritious diet for your dog.


    50% Total Protein-rich Lamb

    50% Sweet Potato & Vegetables


    Digestive Health - Probiotics MOS & FOS help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion

    Added Omega 3 - Supports skin & coat health and reduces inflammation

    Sweet Potato & Vegetables - Complex carbohydrate that is easy to digest & high in B vitamins. Nutritious vegetables that boost the immune system

    Naturally Preserved - No added artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Carol Collins
Lamb dog food

I actually ordered the wrong size food this time. Mac usually has adult small breed but I ordered Just adult By mistake. However after a few minutes trying to work out why his kibble was bigger, he soon started to enjoy it as he always has.

Perfect dog food for a picky eater

My dog sometimes can be a picky eater but she loves the food from Betty and butch.

Miss Denise Bentley
Amazing! Answer to our prayers

Apologies for the poo talk but we were having problems with Teddy’s number 2’s for a long time without going into too much detail it was NOT fun having to scrape them up on his walks daily. Was just about to spend a fortune at the vet having tests done then someone at the park was hand feeding Sunday Roast to their dog. Teddy is normally so fussy and he loved it so I came home and ordered straight away. Poo problem solved in 1 day! Happy Dog Mum and Happy dog

Our dogs fav!

You supplied the wrong flavour of food but once he tasted it, he loved it just as much as all of his others.
He absolutely loves the little burger and sausage treats and are a great added addition to our treat bowl!

Ralph Petitt
Give your dog a treat

Sometimes I think our dog Ralph eats better than we do!! He gets to eat Sunday lunch every day