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First Aid Kit for Dogs - Bandages, wipes, tweezers, leukotape and more...


As much as we try to prevent them, unfortunately sometimes our dogs will have accidents and this First Aid Kit For Dogs is the ideal way to care for them when this happens. Containing bandages, antibacterial wipes, tweezers and leukotape, it has everything you need to administer effective First Aid to your beloved dog when they need it.  

Easily stored in a stylish red zip-up bag, it comes with a handy booklet full of useful tips and comes with Velcro which makes it easy to attach to your belt or bag. This offers the peace of mind of always having a First Aid Kit to hand in the instance you need one.


  • 1 sterile wound compress
  • 1 roll of bandages, sterile
  • 1 roll of fixing bandages, sterile
  • 1 roll of leukotape
  • 2 alcohol wipes
  • 1 disposable syringe
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 pair of latex gloves
  • 1 flea comb
  • 1 tick remover
  • 1 muzzle
  • 1 booklet with tips