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Dogslife Lavender Scented Dog Calming Spray - Relieves Stress & Anxiety


Stressed dogs can get up to anything, from shredding the living room and pooping on the rug down to just yawning a lot.

But our solution is professionally tested to relieve doggie anxiety so that you, and the rug, can stay out of the firing line.

Safe for use across all breeds, fur types and ages, this dog calming spray is designed to de-stress and promote generally calmer behaviour in your pooch. Before you know it your dithering dog will be the chilled out and confident canine you love to see.

Hoe does it work?

For use across a number of scenarios, from vet visits and long car journeys through to the dreaded fireworks night or adapting to new homes. Our calming spray for dogs has you covered.

To quell the hound hardship before or after stressful events, you simply need to spray the calming solution onto their fur. The long-lasting formulation will take care of the rest.

However, for a longer term fix in situations like house moves or to generally calm a nervous pup, apply the dog stress relief spray to their bedding and your furniture to ensure they remain relaxed throughout the day.

Why do we love it?

  • Natural lavender scented spray
  • Relieve anxiety & stress
  • Safe to spray on dogs and bedding
  • Fast acting and long lasting
  • Dog relaxant without sedation 
  • Safely de-stress dogs to improve your relationship
  • Safe for the home and around children
  • Suitable for all dogs