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Dogslife Bamboo Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Helps Digestion & Slows Down Eating

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Our Bamboo Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is the Eco-Friendly Solution to issues associated with dogs eating too fast at meal time. Designed to assist in the prevention of health complications associated with fast eating. Use daily to help make meal time more mentally stimulating and engaging for your furry friend.

🧡 MAINTAIN POSITIVE DOG HEALTH 👩‍⚕‍ Our Bamboo Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Will Help Significantly Reduce a Number Of Health Issues Which Arise From Dogs Eating Too Quickly, These Include The Following; Weight Gain, Vomiting, Bloating, Abdominal Pain & Gastric Discomfort!

🧡 STIMULATING MEALTIME 🧠 Not Only Does Our Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Prevent a Number Of Health Problems Arising, But It Also Stimulates The Dogs Mind & Provides Mental Enrichment, More Than The Average Dog Bowl! 🐶

🧡 ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION 🌿 Our Natural Bamboo Fibre Slow Feeding Bowl Is The Perfect Eco-Friendly Solution To a Healthier Life, & A More Engaging Meal Time, Whilst Producing Significantly Less Waste, Then Other Cheaper Alternatives!

🧡 ANTI-SLIP BACKING & DISHWASHER SAFE 🤗 The Backing Of Our Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Is Specifically Made To Prevent Slipping & Sliding, So Your Furry Friend Can Fully Focus On Enjoying His Meal, As Well As Less Mess For The Owner To Clean up! Furthermore, Easily Wash The Slow Feeding Dog Bowl In No Time In The Dishwasher! 


Inner: 13.5cm (width), 4cm (depth)

Outer: 19.5cm (width), 5.5cm (depth)


Suitable for puppies, small and medium breeds. Dishwasher safe, non-slip bowl.