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Dog Rocks 100g


Dog Rocks work like a sponge, reaching a saturation point.

The minerals in the igneous stone cause a magnetic charge in water and in turn cause an ion exchange. Impurities in the water such as tin, nitrates and ammonia are absorbed leaving it in a purified state for your pet.

As they drink Dog Rock water, less nitrates enter their bodies meaning their urine causes no burn marks. An overload of nitrates causes these dead patches on your lawn.

Please ensure that you have 1 whole pack of Dog Rocks in each of your dog’s water bowls…..not 1 rock. If you don’t have at least 1 full 200g bag per 2 litres of water in each water bowl, Dog Rocks will struggle to work their magic.

If your pet really does not want a rock in its water bowl you can put Dog Rocks in a jug of water and decant from the jug to the water bowl, its that simple.

Dog Rocks are a cost-effective and natural product for keeping your lawn free from urine burn marks.

The igneous rocks are mined in Australia. We package these in sustainable, lightweight cardboard pouches to fulfil our eco pledge – we’re proud to say we’re plastic-free.

Per bowl, you will need 1 x 200g pack of Dog Rocks. One pack will last for 2 months and then must be changed to ensure continued results. If you split the pack you will be reducing the effectiveness of the product.

There are no harmful side effects to your pet – no effect on pH balance, the only outcome with correct use is a healthy, green lawn.