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It's all about a ECO Quality Poo Bags
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Chicken Surprise Treat Box

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🐾✨ Unbox the Canine Joy with Our Surprise Chicken Treat Selection Box! 🎁🥩

Treat your furry friend to a delightful surprise with our specially curated Chicken Treat Selection Box. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this box is packed with only the finest quality beef products, ensuring a tail-wagging experience for your beloved dog.

🎁 What's Inside: Our team takes the guesswork out of treat selection! Your dog's box will be filled with a variety of high-quality dog treat chews, each made from premium Chicken. From savoury jerky to flavorful chews, every surprise is tailored to bring joy to your canine companion.

🐕 Size Options: Choose the perfect fit for your dog! We offer two size options to cater to different breeds:

  • Small/Medium Size Dogs
  • Medium to Large Size Dogs

🌟 Why Choose Our Surprise Chicken Treat Selection Box?

  1. Quality Assurance: We source only the finest chicken products to ensure your dog gets the best.
  2. Seasonal Surprises: Our team selects treats based on freshness and seasonality, keeping your pup's taste buds excited.
  3. Tailored for Size: Whether your furry friend is petite or grand, we have the perfect box size to match their appetite.
  4. Detailed Menu: Every box arrives with a menu to take the guesswork out of your dog's surprise box. 

Make every treat time a moment of anticipation and delight. Order our Surprise Chicken Treat Selection Box today and let your dog indulge in the savoury goodness of quality chicken treats. 🥳🐶


We strongly recommend that all dogs of any age are supervised while eating treats/deli items.

If you are in any doubt about age restrictions, please contact us via woof@bettyandbutch.co.uk or use the live chat facility on our website.