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Orbiloc Dog Dual - The Best LED Dog Safety Light for Collars

Designed for and used by the military: Keeping you and your dog safe

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is designed and made exclusively in Denmark, which is synonymous with the highest standards of design and workmanship.

Orbiloc Dog Dual is a high quality LED safety light that ensures you and your canine companion are visible to others from a distance up to five kilometres, when out and about in the twilight or dark.

The Orbiloc Safety Light has been well-known in the military arena for many years, mainly because it adheres to the highest standards of durability, visibility and quality. In fact, we trust in the durability of our product so much that we’ve given it a three-year warranty.

"I use this light at night on my dog when he's working Woodlands, clearfells and open hills. Even though he's using a gps collar, it's great to be able to see him visually with the Orbiloc and watch him work. It also adds to his safety while walking next to roads as he is visible to traffic."

The unique lens design gives 270° arc visibility and your dog will be visible from all sides. The power of the light allows you to see it reflected in the environment – even if the light itself is not pointed in your direction.

The design is modern and streamlined with a size of 35mm x 25mm, and weighs only 25 grams. That means it won’t get in your dog’s way, even if he’s lying down or rolling around on the light itself. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is also very user-friendly. To choose the function you prefer, just turn the Mode Selector Ring to the left or right. It will flash (…) or stay steady-on (-). The battery life is 100 hours when steady-on, 250 hours when flashing.

What Betty & Butch love:

HIGH VISIBILITY - Visible up to 5 km / 3 miles

WATERPROOF - Waterproof up to 100 meters / 330 feet - IPX8 approved

IMPACT RESISTANT - Extremely durable. Withstands loads up to 100 kg

MADE IN DENMARK - Orbiloc Safety Light is made exclusively in Denmark, which means the highest standards in quality, design and workmanship

3-YEAR WARRANTY - Register your product at orbiloc.com/warranty

EXTREME TEMPERATURE - Withstands temperatures from 50 °C to -40 °C / 120 °F to -40 °F

BATTERY LIFE - 100 hours when steady-on and 250 hours when flashing

REPLACEABLE BATTERY - 2x CR2032 batteries

FUNCTION - Steady-on light and Flashing light

USER FRIENDLY - Turn the Mode Selector Ring right or left to change function

OMNI-DIRECTIONAL OPTIC - The lens design makes the light visible across a 270° arc in all directions

Choose the right colour

The Orbiloc Dog Dual comes in many different colours. The fashion colours allow you to give your dog’s style a personal touch. And the signal colours, give you the opportunity to choose the right light for your specific needs, as well as one suited to specific weather conditions. Choose different colours for each of your dogs, so you can distinguish between them from a distance. The visibility of the Orbiloc Dog Dual has to do with several factors; the design of the lens, the power of the LED, how the eye perceives different colours, and the weather conditions. To decide what colour you want your Orbiloc Dog Dual in, we’ve made a description for you below.

GREEN: Green light is known to enhance night vision, and helps intensify contrast. The human eye perceives the green colour above any other colour. Through Millenia, humans have interacted in the natural world where green in the predominant colour. Therefore evolution dictates our preference for the colour green. This makes the green light an optimal colour for wanting to be noticed in any setting. Green is also good in sunlight and bright weather, and is known to have a calming effect.

Buy here £19.99, Green Orbiloc Dog Dual LED Safety Light

PINK: Pink is a colour often associated with sensitivity, politeness and sweetness. The pink light is a mixture of purple and red and it symbolises energy, passion and fun. The pink light can be paired with almost any colour – adding a touch of glamour to your gear. 

Buy here £19.99, Pink Orbiloc Dog Dual LED Safety Light

BLUE: The blue light is associated with police, emergency and accidents. Because of this, it gets drivers to slow down in traffic, and therefore it can be said to have a preventive effect on accidents. In dim light, the colour blue shines brighter than other colours.

Buy here £19.99, Blue Orbiloc Dog Dual LED Safety Light

WHITE: White light is associated with headlights on cars and bicycles, and can therefore also be associated with the forward direction of a runner or a person walking. The white light has a great ability to shine through thick and long fur. In case of emergencies, the white light can also be used as a mini torch.

Buy here £19.99, White Orbiloc Dog Dual LED Safety Light


General advice on which colour to choose

Choose different colours for each of your dogs, so you can distinguish between them from a distance.

We recommend the following.

  • Dogs with dark fur: Choose a light colour
  • Dogs with blonde fur: Choose a dark colour
  • In a rural area: Choose any colour
  • In an urban area: Choose a colour that you do not see that often in traffic

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is made of silicone-rubber, which is the type of rubber most resilient to extreme environments, sunlight, and temperatures.  

Easy and Quick Adjustment

The 4 holes for adjustment make it easy and quick to adjust the strap, enabling the light to be mounted on all types of collars – whatever the width or thickness, without squeezing and leaving marks. 

Slip Resistant Ribs

Furthermore, the slip resistant ribs/dents on the strap ensure that the Orbiloc light is securely fastened and that it cannot slide – even when fastened to a thin collar.