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Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

We all know that even the proudest pups can get a little smelly after a while. Whether your dog has been splashing in muddy puddles, or even rolling about in animal poo, if your pooch returns home as a mucky pup, you should wash them at your earliest convenience to avoid carpets being ruined. Cleaning your dog at the earliest opportunity gives the dirt less time to set in, which is better for both your dog and your home. Grooming frequently using shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs is the best way to keep your pup's fur clean. Jumping through piles of leaves is a great source of fun for your pooch, but it is also a really easy way for them to pick up fleas and ticks. Dogs have particularly sensitive skin, especially when it comes to grooming products. Betty & Butch grooming range is developed using natural plant-based coat-brightening ingredients that are gentle on a dog’s skin and coat.