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Puppy Essentials List

Puppy Essentials List: Everything You Need To Welcome A New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy is super exciting but do you have your puppy essentials list ready to make sure you're fully prepared? We know all about welcoming a new puppy. The excitement to bring them home and welcome them into your family is unbelievable and yet at the same time there's the daunting reality in the back of your mind that you're about to have some sleepless nights and an absolute lifestyle change.

To make those first few weeks a bit easier, we've created a puppy checklist for you to make sure that you have everything sorted to welcome your pup and help you to enjoy those early moments rather than running out for poo bags! 

Puppy Essentials List


It might take a while to find out what your puppy really loves. Growing puppies need all that vital nutrition to keep them healthy and help them grow. 

Choosing a puppy food can be tough. Ask for a sample of food so that your pup can try it out and find their favourite flavour. 

Our specially developed recipes contain immune boosting proteins that are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins to support your puppy during their growth and development phase.

We also have options for both small and large breeds so that the kibble is the right size for your puppy.  Our puppy food is grain-free so that it suitable for sensitive stomachs. 

Salmon Oil is a great addition to your puppy's food as it is high in omega 3 which is vital for your puppy's growth and development and keeps their coat healthy and shiny.  

Puppy Food


Dogs have a natural instinct to chew so they need an outlet to get those teeth chomping. Otherwise you'll end up with chewed furniture! To find out more, find our Top Tips and Toys for Teething Puppies

You can visit our Puppy Treats collection to view all of our treats that are suitable for puppies and find the recommended ages on each of the products or read our blog on What Are The Best Puppy Treats For Training to find out more.

Our Puppy First Chew Box contains treats suitable for pups over 12 weeks old to help them channel their chewing instincts into their treats. This is our most popular puppy box to give them the best start. We also have a Puppy Welcome Home Box, full of everything you need to welcome your new pup. 

 Puppy First Chew Box


They might be trying their best to climb into your bed (and chances are, you might let them) but pups need their own bed to make sure they get all those vital sleeps in during the day.

Visit our blog to find out how to choose the right bed for your puppy.

Puppy Bed


Designed to replicate a dog’s natural den, crates provide a safe and secure place for your dog to relax. They are a place for your dog to associate calm time or somewhere they can go if they feel overwhelmed. 


Puppy pads and poo bags are definitely an essential to have before your puppy arrives. We have Anti-Slip Training Pads to help house train puppies easily and quickly. The anti-slip feature keeps the pads in place and the puppy focused on training and not playing.

The built-in scent has been specifically developed to encourage the puppy to go to the toilet on the pad rather than on the floor. How clever is that.

A scientifically developed super absorbent polymer draws in and locks away the moisture, eliminating tracking, whilst the leak-proof backing keeps floors clean and hygienic, making the pads easy to clean up.

 Anti-Slip Training Pads


Training treats are a must-have for training your puppy. Whether you're getting them to sit, pee outside or more advanced training exercises, you'll always want these close. 

We have Seafood Training Treats and Three Bird Training treats to keep your puppy interested and responsive. 

Sprats are also a perfect training treat, especially as they are low in fat but high in omega 3 to give your pup a super shiny coat. 

Training Treats


It can feel like such a long time waiting to take your puppy on their first walk. But as soon as they're clear of the vaccinations, they're free to explore the world.

Night Safety Attachments are also important for those early morning and evening walks. They help your dog to be clearly visible to both you and passing cars. Whether it's a high-vis lead attachment, light up collar or blinker that you can attach to their collar, check out our night safety collection to keep your pup safe this winter.

Flexi Lead Xtreme


Our natural puppy shampoo made with a calming blend of coconut, chamomile and wild sage. With absolutely no chemicals or animal testing, the Betty & Butch grooming range is developed using natural plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the dog’s skin and coat.

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser leaving your dog’s coat feeling shiny and healthier.

 Puppy Shampoo

Puppy Club

If you've just got a new pup or have one on the way, why not join out Puppy Club? You'll get weekly advice and support plus 10% off our puppy products for your pup's first 6 months!

New Puppy Checklist

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