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Our Top 10 Long Lasting Dog Chews

Our Top 10 Long Lasting Dog Chews

Whether you have a large breed dog with a super chomp! Or just a dog who manages to power through their chews in seconds, as a dog owner, those long lasting dog chews have really become a rare find.

Lucky for you, we have created our top 10 long lasting dog chews that will keep your dog settled and occupied for longer, so you can stop searching and relax!

Veal Bone

Veal Bone Dog Chew

Extremely satisfying and large, the Veal Bone is probably one of the top long lasting dog chews we have to offer. Completely natural with no artificial ingredients, it is full of vitamins and minerals and has an average length of 20cm which will give your dog a superior jaw exercise!

Nosey Cow (Beef Nose with Hair)

Nosey Cow (Beef Nose with Hair)

A brand new long lasting treat for dogs, the Nosey Cow is a beef nose with hair which has been air dried and nothing else! 100% natural, it has a firm texture that will keep your dog occupied for hours. Very high in protein, it is a nutritious, satisfying treat for determinate chewers.

Olive Wood Dog Chew

Olive Wood Dog Chew

Naturally harvested from close-grained olive trees, our Olive Wood Dog Chews harder than most native woods. This means they devour slowly, making them durable so your dog can enjoy a long-lasting chew. Find out more about the benefits of Olive Wood Dog Chews here.

Sow Ear

Sow Ear Dog Treat

Whilst pig ears themselves are long lasting dog chews, the Sow Ear is a tougher jumbo version for those dogs who really have strong jaws. Made from high quality, Iberian pork, they are very tough and full of natural flavours and nutrients.

Beef Skin Hard Chew

Beef Skin Hard Chew

Suitable for both small to large sized dogs, the Beef Skin Hard Chew has been gently air-dried to create a delicious deli treat that is high in protein and low in fat. It’s hard texture means your dog will need to really gnaw on it to soften the exterior which does a great job at cleaning teeth.

Deer Antler Dog Chew

Deer Antler Dog Chew

Not only will they keep your dog occupied for hours but Deer Antlers are full of minerals, protein and calcium that help to keep your dog’s bones strong and healthy! Responsibly sourced from Red Deer, we also offer Split Deer Antlers for dogs who find full Deer Antlers too challenging.

Camel Skin Dog Chew

Camel Skin Dog Chew

Rolled into a cylinder and then gently air dried, Camel Skin Dog Chews are tough, long lasting treats. A fan favourite amongst our dogs, they are hypoallergenic because they are made from a single protein which is fantastic for dogs who suffer from allergies.

Deer Legs

Deer Leg Bone Dog Chew

The ultimate challenging dog chew! Deer Leg Bone Dog Chews are not the prettiest of chews but their natural form tells you that they are free from any artificial preservatives. The bone is dried using a gentle drying process so they are tough and last longer for determinant chewers. Check out our blog on Deer Legs for Dogs: Are They Good or Bad?

Bulls Pizzle

Bulls Pizzle Premium Dog Treat

Another fan favourite amongst our four legged friends, the Bulls Pizzle Premium Dog Treat is a widely popular dog treat for it’s long lasting qualities and delicious beefy flavour. A healthy alternative to those nasty rawhide treats, Bulls Pizzle even acts as a natural toothbrush!

Buffalo Ear with Meat

Buffalo Ear with Meat

A large, delicious deli treat, the Buffalo Ear with Meat are excellent for larger breeds who manage to devour treats in seconds. Solely made from just buffalo meat, they are fantastic, protein-rich strong snacks that will keep your dog occupied.

What Do You Think About Our List?

Long lasting dog chews

Lucky enough there are many long lasting dog chews out there that your dog can enjoy which also provide essential nutrients and benefits for your dog. It can be difficult at times to find these long lasting dog chews since some propose that every treat is long lasting!

Whilst long lasting dog chews are a delicacy so you can enjoy those well deserved quiet times as a dog owner, dog treats that don’t last as long are equally as nutritious and important, especially for dog training and quality bonding time with your dog.

Are there any other long lasting dog chews you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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