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Hypoallergenic Dog Treats: Which Are The Best? | BETTY & BUTCH®

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats: Which Are The Best?

Does your dog have a food allergy? If so, you may already be feeding them hypoallergenic dog food but what about their treats?

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Hypoallergenic dog treats seem to slip a dog owners’ mind when they have a food intolerant pet, but making sure your dog is only exposed to hypoallergenic dog treats is just as important as their food.

If your dog consumes an allergenic ingredient from their treats, they would experience the same unpleasant symptoms that come with their food intolerances. Therefore, finding the most suitable dog treats that are not only tolerant of their bodies but also highly nutritious and delicious is so important.

That’s why we are going to help you discover everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog treats - what to look out for and discover what are the best treats to avoid an upset tummy.

What Are Hypoallergenic Dog Treats?

Hypoallergenic simply means the least probability of an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic dog treats contain fewer allergy-producing substances that can cause an allergic reaction in your dog.

What Are Hypoallergenic Dog Treats?

However, the term hypoallergenic is subjective, because you first need to know what ingredient or ingredients your dog is allergic to in order to find the best hypoallergenic dog treats available.

The best way to find out if your dog has a food allergy is to conduct a food trial and you can do this with the help from your veterinarian. Your vet would typically suggest to put your dog on a diet solely made from one or two foods, and wait until there is no allergic reaction from your dog.

If your dog is in the clear, this is where you would gradually introduce different ingredients into your dog’s diet and wait until you notice an allergic reaction.

It’s a long process that can take up to 4 to 6 months but it’s definitely worth it because it’s the most clear way to find out what food your dog is intolerant to.

Food Allergies in Dogs

Food Allergies in Dogs

As for us hoomans, when dogs eat the same diet and ingredients over and over again, becoming over-exposed to certain foods, their immune system can react in a negative way, mistaking the specific food as harmful to the body. The dog’s immune system therefore responds with antibodies and triggers a series of symptoms.

Food Allergy Symptoms in Dogs;

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Flatulence
  • Frequent Scratching
  • Hair Loss
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • Red & Inflamed Skin
  • Ear Infections
  • Poor Growth in Young Dogs

Common Food Allergies in Dogs

The most common food allergies in dogs include proteins such as beef, chicken and lamb.

Common Food Allergies in Dogs

The reason for this is that these proteins are the most common ingredients found in a lot of dog food and treats, resulting in food intolerant dogs no longer able to process them after being overexposed to them for long periods of time.

Therefore, feeding your dog for years on a single-protein diet increases their potential risk to develop an intolerance or allergy. Unfortunately, once a dog develops an allergy, it is common for them to develop others as well. Other food intolerant ingredients include dairy, wheat, eggs, grain and soy.

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Once you have discovered what ingredient/ingredients your dog is intolerant to, the best thing to do is avoid it all together. The best type of hypoallergenic dog treats to feed your dog are treats that are made from a single ingredient and treats that are ‘novel’ proteins.

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Duck, venison, buffalo, kangaroo and fish, to just name a few, are novel proteins which are excellent for dogs who have food intolerances because they typically haven’t been exposed in your dog’s diet before.

For a dog to have a food allergy, they need to be overexposed to a certain ingredient. Instead of feeding your dog a combination of beef and chicken dog treats, dog treats that contain only a single ingredient that your dog is not used to, is the best type of hypoallergenic dog treat.

Venison Meat Strips

Venison Meat Strips

Venison Meat Strips are not only hypoallergenic because they contain only one novel protein ingredient but they are super tasty and easy to tear so they are perfect to use as a training reward or for food-filled toys. Other novel protein meat strips that are great for dogs with food allergies include Wild Boar, Partridge, Rabbit, Kangaroo, Pheasant and Goat.

Deer Leg Bone

Deer Leg Bone Dog Chew

An all-natural dog treat, Deer Leg Bone Dog Chew is a single-protein treat made from 100% deer. Besides being allergy-friendly, the bone is dried using a gentle drying process which means it's tough and lasts longer for determinant chewers like medium to large dogs. Also excellent for dental care and strengthening jaws. Deer Legs have many benefits, check out our blog - Deer Legs for Dogs: Are They Good or Bad?

Camel Skin Dog Chew

Camel Skin Dog Chew

A satisfying chew for both large and small dogs, including puppies over 12 weeks old, Camel skin is 100% natural and hypoallergenic since it’s only made from a single novel ingredient. High in protein, camel skin also provides excellent benefits by supporting healthy teeth and gums whilst also containing no gluten or grain ingredients.

Buffalo Wrapped Trachea

Buffalo Wrapped Trachea Dog Treat

Sourced from free-ranged, grass-fed Buffalo, Buffalo Wrapped Trachea dog treats are lean, low in fat and a great alternative to beef or pork, especially for dogs who have food intolerances. They are suitable for puppies over 5 months old and wrapped in buffalo lung for an extra taste.

Cod Rolls

Cod Rolls Dog Treats

An excellent source of omega 3, Cod Rolls are great hypoallergenic dog treats because they are very unlikely to cause a reaction in your dog because they are not overexposed in their diet. Whilst being high in protein, they also act as natural dental chews that promote healthy teeth and gums. Other excellent hypoallergenic fish dog treats include Haddock Fish Cubes, Cod Bones, Flounder, Cod Fish Fingers, Cod Skin Jumbo and Sprats.

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ear Dog Chew

Rabbit is a novel protein so most dogs with food allergies can tolerate it well. Rabbit Ears are ideal for pups on the smaller end of the spectrum and for those who are fond of chewing on things. The fur provides dietary fibre as well as helping to clean up a dog's stomach in the most natural way whilst also acting as a natural de-wormer!

Don’t Forget About Hypoallergenic Dog Food!

These are just a few of the many hypoallergenic dog treats your dog can eat if they have food allergies. The main things to look out for is dog treats that only contain one ingredient and obviously to completely avoid the ingredient your dog is allergic to.

If your dog suffers food allergies, the bottom line is to make sure their whole diet is hypoallergenic including their food and treats.

Not sure what hypoallergenic dog food your dog can eat? We offer a whole range of grain-free, hypoallergenic dog food for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

A variety of different proteins that are rich in vitamins and minerals that support cognitive function, visual development and help to reduce inflammation response, so make sure to check it out here!

Are there any hypoallergenic dog treats you find particularly well accepted by your dog? Let us know in the comments!

Also if you ruled out food allergies but still think your dog is allergic to something, your dog may have hay fever. Read our previous blog - Can Dogs Have Hay Fever? - to find out the signs and symptoms of hay fever in dogs.

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