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How To Clean Dog Teeth

How To Clean Your Dog's Teeth: The Best Chews And Treats

Just as we regularly brush our own teeth, it is incredibly important for us to know how to clean dog teeth to properly look after our pets.

Adult Dog Teeth

Few dogs show signs of dental disease but it actually affects over 80% of dogs. Poor dental health can cause pain and infection in your dog’s mouth and can lead to them needing treatment from the vet. 

We have a full range of Dog Dental Products to help care for your dog's teeth as best as possible. So, what can you you do to help?

Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs

Your dog having bad breath, drooling excessively or pawing at their face are all signs of potential dental issues.

They may show signs of difficulty chewing, demonstrated by chewing on one side of the mouth, by preferring soft food to harder treats or show weight loss.

Why Is It So Important To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Regularly?

Preventing any dental problems is the best way to help your dog with their dental health.

Ensure that their diet is healthy and take steps to clean your dog’s teeth every day to prevent plaque from building up. If plaque builds up, it will become tartar which is hard and brown.

Tartar causes inflammation which in turn leads to dental disease, rotten teeth and tooth loss. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing which means that at that point, your dog will need to go to the vets. 

How To Clean Dog Teeth

How To Clean Dog Teeth

Start When They Are A Puppy

It is best to start teeth cleaning when your dog is a puppy to get them used to the brushing action. If you have adopted an older dog or have not introduced teeth brushing to your dog, there are steps that you can take to ease them into the routine. 

Brush Them Regularly

  1. Pop a little bit of dog toothpaste on to your dog's food. This will help them get accustomed to the taste. Never use human toothpaste as it is toxic to dogs.
  2. After a few days when they are used it, put a little bit of dog toothpaste on your finger and encourage your dog to lick it off.
  3. Keep practising this and when you feel you have reached a more confident stage, try rubbing your finger across your dog's teeth and gums without toothpaste to get the dog used to the action.
  4. When your dog has become more comfortable with this, try the same brushing action with some toothpaste on your finger. Keep practising this over a few days. If your dog looks uncomfortable at any point then stop immediately. 
  5. After your dog has become comfortable with this action, you can then try a toothbrush without toothpaste. Brush all the teeth using a circular motion concentrating on the gum line.
  6. Once your dog is used to the sensation of the brush, you can add the toothpaste. You should brush your dog's teeth every 24-48 hours.

Check with your vet

Brachycephalic dogs, like Pugs and Chihuahuas, have poorly aligned jaws, with crowded or absent teeth. Because of this, they are more likely to suffer from dental disease.

You can always check with your vet how best to care your dog's teeth.

Dog Teeth Toys


The Junior Rubber Dumbbell is the perfect chew toy for puppies and small dogs to massage itchy gums with growing teeth.

The texture helps to clean teeth and as it is made from natural rubber, the toy is gentle on teeth and gums. Natural Rubber Dumbbell Puppy Dental Toy


The KONG Classic helps teach appropriate chewing behaviour while keeping your dog entertained. The KONG also comes in Puppy or Extreme to suit different dogs.

Stuff it with some kibble, training treats or paste and keep your dog entertained for longer.

KONG Classic


Made with soft, flexible material, the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Bones are designed specifically for teething puppies who have not formed any adult teeth.

They are ideal for dental hygiene as the tiny bristles raise on the bone during chewing, like a mini toothbrush to help keep teeth clean and prevent tartar build-up.

Nylabone Starter Kit

Dog Dental Treats

Puffed Chicken Feet - £0.59

100% natural, our puffed chicken feet are one of our top deli treats because they are not only low in calories and tasty, but they help to remove built-up food and plaque, acting as edible toothbrushes.

Puffed Chicken Feet

 Veggie Toothbrush

Now your dog will always want to brush their teeth. Made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew. 

Veggie Toothbrush

Haddock Fish Cubes

The rough texture of these fish cubes helps to clean teeth and remove plaque build-up. 

Perfectly sized cubes for a training reward or a small treat for dogs and puppies, they are low in fat and high in protein.

Haddock Fish Cubes

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