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Dog Travel Tips

Dog Travel Tips: How To Prepare Them For A Long Journey

These dog travel tips will help you prepare your dog for long journeys and make sure you have everything you need when going on an adventure with your pet.

As the weather starts to improve, we're all pondering our future escapes. But for many pet parents, it's simply not an adventure without our furry friends. 

For some dogs, travelling can cause some distress, especially on longer journeys which can make for a worrying trip both for pet and parent.

Our dog travel tips will set you up for a comfortable and safe journey so that both you and your four-legged friend will have a happy holiday.

Dog Travel Essentials Checklist

To make your journey run more smoothly, ensure you tick off your travel checklist before you leave.

This involves everything from a dog travel crate for comfort to nausea drops if your dog suffers with car sickness.

Dog Travel Essential List

Dog Travel Carrier

Dog travel carriers are practical and comfortable. Spacious and the perfect choice for any season, it even has a pocket on the outside and inside to fit all your personal belongings.

With two safety leashes on the inside, our Hard Bottom Dog Carrier has a removable lid cover and a removable, machine-washable inside cushion.

Dog Travel Water Bottle

It is crucially important to have water with you at all times to prevent dehydration occurring for your dog.

The Dexas Snack Duo is such a great travel buddy as it has two chambers. One half for kibble or treats and the other for water so that you have an easy way to transport these necessities.

Dog Travel Bowl

If you're on the move, you'll need a dog travel water bowl to allow your pet gulps water throughout the day. 

Collapsible dog travel bowls are the ideal solution as they do not take up too much space in your bag and are easy for your dog to drink out of.


Favourite Toy

If your pet struggles with long journeys, bringing their favourite toy can help them to feel more at ease and comfortable with their unfamiliar surroundings.

Nausea Drops

Natural and fast-acting, our herbal remedy drops are ideal for dogs who suffer from travel sickness and nausea. Made from a liquid combination of botanical extracts which are known for their calming and anti-nausea effects, the drops are easy to administer with just drop onto your dog’s food or water for a fast-acting effect. 

How Long Can A Dog Travel In A Car?

To get your pet prepared for a long car journey, it is advisable to prepare them by building up the amount of time that they ride in the car for.

Take them on a series of short drives, gradually increasing the length of time spent  driving. But how often should you stop when travelling with a dog?

It is best not to travel more than three or four hours without stopping to allow your dog a break and a toilet trip. 

This allows them to stretch their legs, have a drink and some fresh air which can monitor any travel sickness.

Dog Travel Tips


How Do I Keep My Dog Calm When Travelling?

Like us humans, some dogs suffer with car sickness. Yet, there are things that you can do to help keep them calm and feel more comfortable.

To help get them accustomed to the car, try to introduce them to car journeys as early as possible. By starting at a young age, they are more likely to get used to the motion and more easily become familiar with the environment.

If possible, allow your dog to see out of a window when travelling or allow them to face forward if they get travel sick.  

What is the Law on Travelling with your Dog?

 According to The Highway Code, it is the driver’s responsibility to:

“Make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly.”

Some car insurance providers may also require you to restrain your pet, so it’s best to check your policy before you travel.

Dog Car Tips

How To Safely Travel With Your Dog

Having your dog in a dog travel crate will keep them safer and more secure. This will be more beneficial to dogs who have been crate trained as they will already be used to this familiar surrounding. 

A pet carrier is a good alternative to a metal crate. As they are soft, they will be easier to collapse and store. 

 Do's and Don'ts of Dog Travel


  • Secure your pet safely using either a harness, crate or carrier.
  • Pack plenty of water
  • Slightly open a window (not enough for them to jump out)
  • Take regular stops on long car trips so your pet can stretch and take a toilet break.
  • Supply your dog with a favourite toy or blanket to help them feel comfortable.
  • Speak to your vet if your dog suffers with motion sickness.


  • Don't allow your dog to travel with their head hanging out of an open window.
  • Don't have air conditioning blowing in your dog's face.
  • Don’t leave the passenger airbag on if they’re travelling in the front seat.
  • Don’t feed your pet just before you travel. Leave at least two hours before you get on the road.
  • Don’t ever leave your dog in a hot car. It can take less time than you think for a car to heat up. 
Keep Betty & Butch's dog-friendly travel essentials in mind when packing for your next trip:

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