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Dog Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendars For Dogs

A dog advent calendar? Yes, please! Advent calendars are no longer restricted to the chocolate section. Instead, we are treated to an assortment of luxuries from beauty products to wine and everything in-between. And with all that variety blessing our shelves, why should our dogs miss out on all the fun? After all, we know they're all on the nice list. If you're looking where to buy a dog advent calendar then look no further.


Our Pawmas Advent Calendar is the perfect treat for your furry friend.

The hypoallergenic dog advent calendar is filled with natural dog treats, one for each day of advent so that your pet can join in with the festive fun.  

Filled with festive treats, your dog will have 24 days of excitement waiting for each treat to be unwrapped as behind each of the 24 doors, your dog will be treated to a natural, tasty dog treat for the countdown to Christmas.

Our luxury dog advent calendar contains only the highest-quality treats as we regularly quality check to ensure that your dog is only getting the best.

Luxury Dog Advent Calendar


With a paper insert and no plastic in sight, this advent calendar is fully recyclable. You don't need to take it apart, just pop in your recycling bin. 


Our advent is suitable for puppies over 16 weeks so if it's your first Christmas with your dog, there is no better way to treat them.

If your pup will be under 16 weeks when the beginning of December comes around, you can shop our Puppy Pawsome Box or build your own Pawmas Box to choose the treats that are suitable for your pet.  


Advent Calendar for dogs


Our dog advent calendar is filled with different tasty treats to treat your dog to a bit of variety.

The menu includes:

  • 4 x Mini Christmas Puds
  • 3 x Roast Beef Burgers 
  • 4 x Duck and Orange Biscuits (2 in each window)
  • 4 x Venison Meat Strips
  • 4 x Roast Beef Bites
  • 4 x Wild Boar Meat Strips
  • 1 x Turkey Bites

Shop it here: Pawmas Advent Calendar


Of course, Christmas doesn't just stop with advent calendars and we've got a cracking range of Christmas dog toys and treats for man's best friend. 

Christmas Dog Presents

This year, you can even build your own exclusive gift box for your dog! Fill it with your dog's favourite treats and toys to give them a Christmas present they'll love.

It is perfect for fussy dogs or even just building a box filled with what you know your dog will love. If you want to find your dog's new favourite then add a few new treats for them to try out.

Starting at just £2, you choose how much you want to add so you're in control of the price! 

You can shop our full Christmas Collection online now.

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