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Deer Antler For Dogs: Are They A Safe Treat?

Deer Antler For Dogs: Are They A Safe Treat?

If you have a new puppy or you are simply new to the world of natural dog treats, you might be wondering whether deer antlers for dogs are actually a safe treat. Is it worth it? Is it safe? Is it right for my dog? Here are all of your questions answered.

Deer Antler

Dogs Have A Natural Instinct To Chew

The fact is, dogs need to chew. Especially as puppies, dogs will sink their teeth into anything they can find, which is why you might often find yourself with some pieces missing from your shoes or furniture...

As puppies go through the teething stage, their gums ache and they need an outlet for that chewing instinct to help to soothe any teething pain. It can be a difficult stage for puppies and it may help to follow some top tips for teething puppies

Even when dogs have grown out of the puppy stage, their instinct to chew remains as the chewing action helps to calm them by relieving any stress or boredom that they may be feeling. 

This is why it is so important to find some high-quality, healthy and long-lasting chews to provide your dog with mental stimulation and keep their mental health positive. 

Can Dogs Eat Deer Antlers?

Yes! Dogs can enjoy gnawing away on deer antlers. Deer Antlers are best suited for larger dogs who have an intensive chew and need long lasting treats to provide lots of entertaining fun.

Our Split Deer Antlers for dogs are a more ideal treat for puppies and small dogs as the split allows easy access for dogs to get to the honeycombed 'inside' of the antler that is kinder on teeth and jaws. 

Split Antlers

Our red deer antlers come in different sizes to suit different breeds of dogs. As a rule of thumb, if your dog is able to fit the whole antler in their mouth, then it’s too small and not recommended because it can become a choking hazard. When the antler has become small enough to fit in their month, it should be thrown away.

Sharp points have been removed from our Deer Antlers which make them a natural and safe chew.

However, all dogs are different and if your dogs is a fast chewer or a super chomper, deer antlers may not be suitable as there could be a choking hazard if your dog tries to swallow a large portion. Always supervise your dogs when they are chewing treats.

Benefits of Deer Antlers For Dogs

They Are 100% Natural
They are a natural, healthy chewing option for your dog to enjoy as they don't contain any chemicals, preservatives or any other nasties.

Excellent Source of Vitamins
Deer antlers provide an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that supports your dog’s health and nutrition

Help Improve Dental Health
The chews are a great dental aid as by chewing on the antlers, the scraping removes plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth.

Full of Vital Minerals
Made up of mainly calcium and phosphorus, Deer Antlers are full of minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, sulphur and zinc, which are vital for keeping your dog’s muscles and bones healthy and strong.

They Are Hypoallergenic
A single protein source, deer is a fantastic alternative to chicken or beef which dogs can often be allergic to. As deer is a single protein treat, it is less likely to upset your dogs stomach which is ideal if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

Long Lasting
As a tough chew, deer antlers can be extremely long lasting which helps your dog combat boredom and keeps them entertained for longer. 

Are They Sustainable?

Here at Betty & Butch, we value sustainability and only source responsible treats. We regularly quality check our suppliers and only source from companies that provide the best quality, sustainable treats.

We prioritise eco-friendly products and treats with safe, natural ingredients that contain no added preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavours that are not only healthy for our dogs but what’s best for the planet too. 

Deer antler Dog Chews

What Are Some Antler Alternatives?

If your dog enjoys deer antlers or you're looking for other long lasting chews then there are plenty of other natural options.

Deer Legs

Deer Legs  have a hard, smooth surface with marrow and meat surrounding the inside and outside. The bone is dried using a gentle drying process which means it's tough and last longer for determinant chewers whilst being completely safe for your dog. It’s nature’s way of helping to clean tartar and strengthen gums.

Veal Bones

Dogs love to chew on Veal Bones. Dogs will gnaw away and take off all the tendons and tasty bits on the outside of the bone. We recommend giving to your dog for 30 minute intervals before leaving it to dry and wrapping it in cling film. The bone will normally last a week or two before it starts to look a little bare and it is time to replace it with a new one.

Olive Wood

Olive Wood Chews are dense and compact in structure which means that do not shard and splinter like normal sticks. Instead, the wood will come away in soft pieces that are perfectly safe to gnaw and digest. 

Split Deer Antlers for dogs

Better Alternative To Rawhide

Rawhide is not dried meat nor is it a by-product of the beef industry, rather is it a by-product of the leather industry, the leftovers of what they don’t use to make leather products. 

Learn more about the process of making rawhide and the dangers that it can pose for your dog in our previous blog about The Truth About Rawhide.

Deer Antler Chews are much better for your dogs as they are natural and contain no chemicals or nasties.

So Is A Deer Antler Suitable For Your Dog?

If your dog likes to gnaw away slowly on tough chews, then a deer antler dog chew is ideal! If your dog is not quite ready to tackle a large antler then consider a split antler chew until they are ready to graduate to the big ones. 

Shop our Dog Deli Treats now.

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