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Phytopet Pad Oil for Dogs 30ml - For Soothing and Repairing Sun Burn


Using only natural herbal ingredients and a combination of oils known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this Pad Oil is easily absorbed and benefits dogs suffering from bruised, sore and inflamed skin conditions. 

Featuring ingredients renowned for their ability to speed up the healing of skin and bones and using no nasty chemicals, it’s the perfect way to attend to those moments when your dog is in need of some TLC. 

  • Contains only natural herbal ingredients
  • Easily absorbed 
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Features a wide variety of essential oils 


CHICKWEED - Known for its cooling and soothing properties

CALENDULA - One of nature’s most effective anti-inflammatory herbs.

COMFREY - Traditionally used for skin complaints such as cuts, ulcers, sprains and bruising

ARNICA - Used for muscular pain and stiffness

ESSENTIAL OIL LAVENDER - A soothing and calming oil highly effective for burns

ESSENTIAL OIL TEA TREE - One of the finest antiseptics available in nature

ESSENTIAL OIL CHAMOMILE - A wonderful oil for all skin irritations and instances of eczema