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Our Eco-Friendly Dog Toys & Products | BETTY & BUTCH®

Happy Earth Day: The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Toys and Products

22 April is the proud celebration of Earth Day, spreading awareness that our big, green planet needs protection from pollution, global warming and deforestation.

Earth Day and Eco-Friendly Products

At Betty & Butch, we are proud to offer high-quality, natural dogs treats but we also believe that sustainability and safe products are just as important to keep our planet green. We prioritise safe, natural ingredients that contain no added preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavours that are not only healthy for our dogs but what’s best for the planet too. 

We make most of our products wrapped in paper or cardboard boxes that are widely recycled. From our various Treat BoxesBoredom Bags to paper Treat Bags, we use sustainable packaging that causes less harm to the environment.

Betty & Butch Treat Box

It may not come as a surprise but a lot of our dog treats come from the often wasted parts of animals like our Chicken Feet, Duck Feet, Deer Leg Bone, Rabbit Ears, Buffalo Ears, Gooseneck and Bully’s Balls. We repurpose them into dog deli treats that are not only delicious and provide many benefits for your dog’s health but it really ensures that nothing goes to waste.

In celebration of Earth Day, we are highlighting some of our sustainable dog products that are paws-itively good for the planet.

Earth Rated Poo Bags

Earth Rated Poo Bags

Save the planet! One poop at a time. Single-use plastics take hundreds of years to decompose and not only do they cause huge waste and landfill problems but they often end up in oceans and streams, polluting our waters and damaging marine wildlife. Reusing plastics or using biodegradable products is a huge step into helping the planet heal, that’s why we offer compostable poo bags that are eco-friendly.

Not only is the packaging and roll cores made from recycled materials, our Earth Rated Poop Bags contain an EPI additive which helps them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags which can take hundreds of years to decompose. Made from vegetable starches, our green-coloured bags are BPI-certified compostable and meet both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 guidelines which allows them to be disposed of in a municipal composting facility that accepts pet waste.

Due to the EPI additive that helps break them down, we only recommend keeping them for no more than 12 months and storing them in a cool, dry place because light and heat can accelerate the breakdown process. We also offer Lavender Scented Poo Bags and Poo Bag Roll Dispenser to make things quick and easy.

Earth Rated Grooming Wipes

Earth Rated Pet Grooming Wipes

Similar to our poo bags, Earth Rated Pet Grooming Wipes meet the ASTM D6400-12 standards to be composted in a municipal composting facility. Certified compostable which is less harmful for the planet, they are plant-based (USDA Certified 99% Biobased) and are alcohol, paraben and sulphate-free. Also available in Lavender Scent Wipes, they are suitable for both dogs and cats and they are vegan, hypoallergenic and made from a gentle formula for daily use and contain only the best ingredients which include;

Aloe Vera - Known for its healing properties, aloe vera is a perfect natural relief for dry, inflamed skin.

Shea Butter - Rich in vitamins K, A & E, this buttery soft moisturizer nourishes fur from root to tip without leaving a sticky or greasy residue.

Chamomile - With antimicrobial properties, Chamomile extract is great for calming and soothing irritated skin.

Cucumber - Perfect for soothing puffy skin, this super fruit is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Cuddler Marine Dog Toys


Our new collection of three adorable marine wildlife toys are all made from 100% recycled fabric and stuffing which has a gentler impact on the earth. Constructed from post-consumer PET plastics like bottles and bottle tops, you’ll be surprised how soft the fabric feels! Featuring a squeak for interest, these toys are perfect for comforting, cuddling and gentle play for puppies and small dogs.

Whale Cuddler – Saved 4 plastic bottles from landfill.

Octopus Cuddler - Saved 7 plastic bottles from landfill.

Shark Cuddler - Saved 4 plastic bottles from landfill.

Made From Bed (Pink & Blue)

Made from Recycled Plastic Dog Beds

Also new to our eco-friendly collection, our Made From dog beds are completely assembled from 100% recycled fabric and stuffing from post-consumer recycled plastics such as pop bottles and bottle tops.

Available in pink and blue, they are extremely soft to touch just like our Cuddler Marine dog toys and feature well stuffed, plump sides and base for extra comfort, perfect for dogs and puppies who like to curl up to sleep. Each bed has saved the equivalent of 52 plastic bottles from landfill, how amazing is that?

Ropey Trainers

Ropey Trainers Dog Toy

A great product for dogs who just won’t leave your slippers and shoes alone! These Ropey Trainers with rope laces are made from recycled polyester stuffing from post-consumer plastics which is one small step in our big plan to help save the planet. Committed to do our bit for the environment, these dog toys are also supplied with widely recycled packaging.

They even include a squeak and provide different textures for your dog to explore whilst holding your dog’s scent, making it familiar and comforting to them. Great cuddling and gentle play.

FatFace Marching Dogs Duvet and Dog Bed

FatFace Marching Dogs Duvet and Dog Bed

From the new FatFace Marching Dogs collection, the Duvet and Dog Bed are designed for comfort and style whilst positively impacting the environment. Made fully in the UK, both products are filled with 100% recycled fibre, made from plastic bottles. The bottles are shredded, cleansed and heated to form a fibre, which produces a luxurious super soft thermal filling for pet bedding.

The modern, quirky print design is printed on 100% BCI cotton, which is cotton that is sustainably sourced through The Better Cotton Initiative, helping farmers grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the welfare of farming communities.

Available in two sizes for the FatFace Dog Bed and one for the FatFace duvet, these items are a step in the right direction for offering society high-quality, luxurious products whilst providing sustainable and eco-friendly ways to help support the planet.

What Do You Think Of Our Eco-Friendly Products?

Since the three R’s were introduced: reduce, reuse, and recycle, society has made a start on how we can make this planet a more beautiful place.

We still have a long way to go to prevent any more devastating repercussions like global warming, pollution of air and water and the extinction of species, however as long as we all do our bit, our planet will be a greener in no time!

What do you think of our eco-friendly products? And is there anything you do in particular that helps the planet? Let us know in the comments.



















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