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Sid The Seagull Plush Small Dog And Puppy Toy for Cuddly, Comforting Play

Made from plush polyester that is soft to the touch and rustling material within his long travelled wings, Sid is suitable for all dogs including puppies. Perfect cuddling material with an included squeak, Sid the Seagull not only appeals to your dog’s senses of sight and touch but stimulates your dog through sound.

Also available in stores, he will be your dog’s new best friend this Summer but obtain him quickly before he flies off again!

  • Appeals to Various Senses
  • Include Squeak & Rustling Fabric
  • Made from Plush Polyester
  • Ideal for Cuddling, Playing & Light Biting
  • Also Suitable for Puppies

Toy Measures: 35cm


This toy has been designed for play, cuddle and light biting of dogs, however this toy is not indestructible. Always supervise your dog whilst playing and regular inspections should take place and remove any damaged toys. Not suitable for children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leigh Terry

Got this for my puppy and she loves it. Thought it might be to big for her as she's a chihuahua but its nice and light so she can carry it around.

Carla Odell
Did the seagull

Puppy loved it, it is now her favourite toy and she’s yet to destroy it.