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MEATLOVE Tick Defence




Snack Sausage 80 g / Supplementary food


91% camel meat and camel´s offal, 3% coconut flakes, 1.75% calcium carbonate, 1.25% cistus, 1% brewer´s yeast, 1% thyme, 1% oregano

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 15.7%, crude fat 8.3%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fibre 0.7%, moisture 71.1%

Energetic feed value:

133 kcal /100g

Camel meat, supplemented with coconut flakes, cistus, brewer‘s yeast, thyme, oregano and calcium carbonate. Cistus and coconut flakes, because of the essential oils and lauric acid are considered a natural defence against vermin, ticks are known to avoid both and thus can prevent „docking“.</p>