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Meatlove Butcher Lean Turkey Wet Dog Food - 100% Gluten-Free Protein


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Meatlove Magere Pute Lean Turkey Dog Sausage with rice, carrots and green-lipped mussels

• Single protein
• Gluten-free

Only pure green-lipped mussel extract is used. Green-lipped mussels have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and particularly help with joint discomfort and osteoarthritis due to the Lyprinol® complex (which only occurs in the green-lipped mussel).


80% turkey (35% turkey meat, 20% turkey heart, 20% turkey liver, 20% turkey necks, 5% turkey skin), 10% rice, 6% carrots, 2% green-lipped mussel extract, safflower oil

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 15.9%, crude fat 4.3%, crude ash 3.0%, crude fibre 1.2%, moisture 67.0%, carbohydrates 8.6%

Energetic feed value:

510 kJ/100 g (122 kcal)
Ca = 0,35%, P = 0,29%

Energetic Feed Value

464 kJ/100g (111 kcal)

Ca = 0.33%, Ph = 0.30%

Feeding Guide

Weight of Dog (Adult)   Grams Per Day

5kg                                      250 – 350g

10kg                                    450 - 550g

20kg                                   800 – 900g

30kg                                   1.050 - 1.200g

Approximate values to be tailored to your dog’s individual circumstances (exercise, activity, race, metabolism, season). We recommend regular weight checks!

How To Store

If unopened - store in a cool, dry place and they will approximately last 18 months.

If opened - Cut into thick slices and place them into a sealed container in the fridge. They will last up to 3 days.