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Calming Dog Dental Sticks - True Hemp

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We know the difficulty of seeing our pets stressed from loud noises, separation anxiety and even our own mood swings. The True Hemp Calming formulation incorporates hemp and other active ingredients in a dental-stick format to help keep their teeth clean and support the reduction of tension in our most sensitive companions.

  • Contains hemp leaf and ground hemp seed, containing Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Green tea: for natural calming support
  • Naturally calming herbs: chamomile and lemon balm
  • Grain Free

Composition: Pea starch, Potato starch, Fresh Chicken 10%, Glycerin, Hemp leaf (dried and ground 4%), Hemp seed (ground 4%), Pea protein, Zeolith (1.5%), Hemp oil 1%, Green tea (dried 1%), Chamomile (dried 1%),  Lemon balm (dried 1%), seaweed (dried 1%)

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 9.0%, Crude Fat 4.0%, Crude Fibre 2.5%, Crude Ash 4.4%, Moisture 22.0%, Omega 3 – 0.2%, Omega 6 – 1.2%

Additives: Technological additives: antioxidants, preservatives

Customer Reviews

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Jackie Fletcher
Calmed the beast!

I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t notice the difference at the time! I have 2 very anxious rescues and I tried these as an experiment. I’d tried herbal drops but as they share everything I was never sure who had what so dosage was an issue. While they were taking the chews there wasn’t any obvious impact but it was short term. Since we ran out I’ve noticed again they’ve reverted to previous behaviour that I’d not connected to their anxieties-barking at everything (snow flakes!) and noises and back to chewing everything! I am going to say my dogs need a long term solution so the chews will be a little pricey but for a temporary fix (firework season) I would highly recommend. It has encouraged me to look at other more affordable natural remedies.