For those with a bigger chomp, Butch’s Boredom Box is not only filled with high quality, natural, wholesome ingredients but offers a wide variety of long lasting, delicious deli treats to keep dogs with a bigger bite satisfied and entertained for hours or even days.

Butch’s Boredom Box helps to promote a dog’s natural instinct to chew as well as helping to keep gums and teeth healthy and happy.

Featuring a range of different sized, tasty deli treats, Butch’s Boredom Box offers heavier chewers only the very best quality ingredients that are full of healthy goodness but contain none of those added nasty additives or preservatives!

So we’ve got you covered, we really do have the good stuff.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Deer Leg
  • 1 x Turkey Neck
  • 1 x Braided Pizzle
  • 1 x Buffalo Wrapped Trachea
  • 1 x Sow Ear
  • 1 x Camel Skin Chew
  • 1 x Veal Bone
  • 1 x Buffalo Ear

Suitable for puppies over 6 months old.

  • Deer Leg – 100% Deer
  • Turkey Neck – 100% Turkey
  • Braided Pizzle – 100% Buffalo
  • Buffalo Wrapped Trachea - 100% Buffalo
  • Sow Ear – 100% Pork
  • Camel Skin Chew – 100% Camel
  • Veal Bone – 100% Veal
  • Buffalo Ear – 100% Buffalo

Feeding Guidelines

Feed as a reward or treat as part of a balanced diet and always ensure a bowl of fresh water is available.

Complimentary dog treat. Not for human consumption.

Not suitable for puppies under 6 months old.

We strongly recommend that all dogs of any age are supervised while eating treats/deli items.

If you are in any doubt about age restrictions, please contact us via info@bettyandbutch.co.uk or use the live chat facility on our website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Helen Fynn-Allen
Happy Labrador

Always quick service from Betty & Butch and our Lab absolutely loves his treats from the box! He now comes running when he hears that particular cupboard open!


I'm so impressed with the both the quantity and the quality of items you get in this box! My lab absolutely loves every single treat and they keep her occupied for ages

Kirsty Homden
Great value

Frank absolutely loves everything in this box! The range is great and such a reasonable price.
We love all their products and we love supporting a smaller company rather than a pet food chain.
Have recommended to lots of people xx

Jodie Friend
Boredom box

My boy loved everything in it. He got to pick what he wanted each time I opened it. However I wasn’t too keen on finding a deer leg in my bed under my pillow lol

Eve Evans
Oscars favourite

Oscar my Lab Irish setter cross loves these boxes and I love them too, I find it gives him something to chew as he’s teething and he really enjoys the process