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Bat Droppings Spooktacular Natural Treats For Dogs 🎃


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Delectable Bat Droppings Dog Treats! Spooky Fun this Howl-O-Ween 🎃

Indulge your furry friend with the delightful crunch of our Bat Droppings dog treats. These tantalizing morsels are not only surprisingly tasty but also packed with goodness for your pup's well-being.

Key Features:
🍗 Freshly Prepared Poultry: Crafted with care, these treats are made from freshly prepared poultry, ensuring a high-quality source of protein that your dog will love.

👌 Highly Digestible: Easily digestible and gentle on the stomach, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies.

🌾 Hypoallergenic: Free from common allergens, these treats are ideal for dogs with dietary sensitivities or allergies.

🚫 Gluten & Wheat-Free: A wholesome choice for dogs with grain sensitivities, promoting better digestion.

🦷 Excellent for Oral Care: The satisfying crunch helps promote dental health by reducing tartar buildup and freshening breath.

🎯 Perfect for Training: Their bite-sized nature makes these treats perfect for training sessions, motivating your pup with every reward.

🐶 Suitable for Puppies: Tailored to the needs of young pups from 8 weeks old, supporting their growth and development.

Weight: 150g

Feeding Guide:
Use as a delightful reward or as part of a balanced diet, ensuring fresh water is always available.

Please note: These treats are complementary and designed for dogs. They are not for human consumption. For puppies over 8 weeks old. We recommend supervising dogs of any age while enjoying treats. If you have any questions or need guidance on age restrictions, don't hesitate to contact us via woof@bettyandbutch.co.uk or our website's live chat facility.

Treat your furry friend to the scrumptious goodness of Bat Droppings today, and watch their tail wag with joy!


80% Freshly prepared Poultry (33% Chicken, 29% Duck, 18% Turkey), Potato, Chicken Gravy.

Nutritional Content

Protein 30%, Oils & Fat 18%, Fibres 2%, Ash 7%