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Woolly Wolf - Recycled Gear For Exploring Dogs

From backyard to backcountry.

Woolly Wolf - Gear for Exploring Dogs - Brands from Betty and Butch UK

If dogs can teach us humans something besides from love and compassion it's staying curious throughout our lives.

Betty & Butch and Woolly Wolf founder Maria have always believed in curiosity being the key for great adventure. Curiosity leads us to discover the most beautiful places in the world from nearby forests to faraway mountains. Woolly Wolf was born in all of these places. In the breathtaking sceneries of the Alps, flowing wild rivers In the North and the little details of a fallen tree in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. All the adventures Maria and her four-legged companion Yoda have experienced together, have inspired all of their designs.

Designed by Maria, Inspired by Yoda.

Woolly Wolf Dog Leads, Collars, Harnesses, and Bags


Ready to get out and look incredible? Match Woolly Wolf's delicious burnt orange dog lead with your fur colour or with your human companions outdoor gear! This light weight and durable rope leash is built with verified recycled PET material and durable kernmantle nylon core. Furthermore, the Woolly Wolf lead comes with with high quality aluminium carabiner with twist-lock mechanism for added safety. The leash will provide a nice stretch aka "soft catch" when your dog decides to jump after something interesting.


What is a kernmantle rope dog lead? 

A kernmantle rope dog lead is a rope constructed with its interior core protected by a woven exterior sheath designed to optimise strength, durability, and flexibility. The core fibre provide the tensile strength of the rope, while the sheath protects the core from abrasion during use. This is the only construction of rope that is considered to be life safety rope by most fire and rescue services.


It's 5am and the forest is filled with birds singing as the morning rays split between the trees. Woodland draws its inspiration from the Finnish forests and its many phases from extreme silence in the winter to vivid Summer mornings.

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit series are inspired by Maria and Yoda's adventures in Lofoten Islands, Norway where hikes go from sea to summit. Clip the snack back on your backpack or use the adjustable waist belt and serve your best friend some snacks as you approach the summit. 

Polar Night

Imaging cotton candy pink skies and glowing snowy trees, imaging polar night. Add some magic to your next adventure with the Polar night Duo bowl. 


Woolly Wolf takes design and durability cues from the crag to create a strong, secure connection with your canine. It's classic and supple climbing-inspired gear that'll go the distance from the epic to the everyday.

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