We are Betty & Butch, the famous dog store, and we have spent years sourcing and delivering delicious and nutritious, healthy food for dogs all over the world.

We started Betty & Butch because we couldn’t find healthy food for our dog Duke, and realising that our only option was to produce our own, we went ahead and did just that, so that’s where our story starts.

As a result Duke lived a happy healthy life and reached the wonderful age of 14.

We soon found that more and more people wanted to feed their dogs the best, most nutritious and delicious food available. The Betty & Butch brand grew very quickly, responding to these like-minded dog owners.

We believe that dogs are greatly affected by the food they eat, and many of our customers have experienced fantastic changes in behaviour and condition as a result of swapping to our specifically designed food.

It didn’t stop there. We went on to develop a soap range – chemical free of course – which we now export all over world. We are taking care of dogs on the inside and the outside, all over the globe.