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Angel and Paul started Betty & Butch in 2010. Their dedication and passion came from their adopted dog, Duke, who inspired their desire to enhance all dogs’ lives.

For over 10 years, Betty & Butch have sourced sustainable and natural dog treats with only the best ingredients for your dog to chomp down on. That’s a lot of waggly tails!

From healthy dog treats to personalised dog treat boxes to grain-free dog food and more, we regularly quality-check to guarantee that we’ve got the good stuff. 

After all, if it’s not good enough for our dogs, it’s not good enough for yours!

Opening Times

Monday - 10am-5pm

Tuesday - 10am-5pm

Wednesday - 10am-5pm

Thursday - 10am-5pm

Friday - 10am-5pm

Saturday - 10am-5pm

Sunday - 10am-5pm


Betty & Butch Ltd
253 Barlow Moor Road
M21 7GJ
0161 425 2330
Email :