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Flamingo Print Cooling Dog Bandana - Summer Accessory for Dogs

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Size: Small

Keep your dog looking and feeling cool this summer with these stylish cooling bandanas! 

Featuring an eye-catching flamingo design, they are made from light and breathable 100% polyester. Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large), the cooling effect is simply achieved by submerging the bandana in cool water, gently wringing the excess drops and fitting comfortably to your dog allowing the moisture to evaporate and dry. They reduce body temperature and help prevent dehydration and heat stress so your canine companion can stay cool and comfortable this summer.  

  • 100% light and breathable polyester
  • Available in three sizes
  • Activated by water
  • Reduces body temperature
  • Helps prevent dehydration and heat stress


Small - 51cm x 16cm

Medium - 56cm x 22cm

Large - 66cm x 25cm


Pets should be supervised when playing with toys. Not suitable for children. Immediately remove if the toy becomes worn or damaged. This toy is not indestructible.

Customer Reviews

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Antoinette Brown

Was fine in the hot weather.